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'Horseplayers' star talks about exchange wagering at Monmouth Park: Part V

Christian Hellmers, entrepreneur and star of the new TV show 'Horseplayers' speaks about exchange wagering at Monmouth Park horse track
Christian Hellmers, entrepreneur and star of the new TV show 'Horseplayers' speaks about exchange wagering at Monmouth Park horse track
Courtesy of Christian Hellmers

You kind of dive into our lives. You follow us betting in these tournaments. And we’re all in the end attempting to take down the NHC tournament in Vegas which is next week. That will be the final episode. There are ten episodes in all and the premiere airs Jan. 21 at 10 pm. ET.

I think viewers will like watching the ups and downs and the swings the players go through -- how people handle the stress. It’s a low percentage game. Most people, I think, look at baseball and say “Oh, somebody’s batting 300 or 280” and that’s incredible to me because it means they are failing seven out of ten times. Well in horse racing, I’d say the best in the world are winning between 15% and 20% of the time. So you are batting 150 or 200. It takes a lot of forgiveness.

I’ve got my own holistic style of allowing things to pass that is a little unique so I am a bit of a stand out in that way but it’s a great little series of vignettes of all of our lives and our styles. We don’t talk too specifically about the exact reasons why we bet on the horses but there is some of that.

Marcya: Did you know the other characters/horse players before the show was recorded?

Christian: When we started a year and half ago I hadn’t met any of the characters but I knew of Peter Rotondo Jr. through some mutual friends. Here and there we crossed paths. Through the show we’ve all become pretty good friends.

Marcya: Are you all together betting at one time or are you individually betting on these things from different locations?

Christian: We are all betting in the tournaments together. I think the show will start off in 2012 where I had the second place finish in the Breeders’ Cup. Then you’ll see what’s going on in New York. Then several of us are going to meet at the Derby for the first time. We go to the Preakness together; the Belmont together and we’ll talk about our picks -- who is doing this and that. You’ll see me make a fool of myself and then maybe see me get redeemed at the end.

You can visit Christian Hellmerswebsite at for more information on how to invest in his syndicate.

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Marcya Roberts is a freelance writer whose interest in horses dates back to her childhood and summertimes spent in Kansas City, Missouri. In addition to riding and caring for horses, Marcya owns a small Thoroughbred breeding farm in central New Jersey where she hopes to produce a future Kentucky Derby winner. In the meantime, Marcya's horses run at Monmouth Park, Parx, Presque Isle Downs, Penn National, Delaware Park and Laurel Park racetracks. Marcya welcomes your questions and comments and can be reached via e-mail at

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