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Horseback riding in the Rainforest

A six-day adventure on horseback in Costa Rica is an exciting way to see the animals and plants of the rainforest up close. Riders are one with nature as they trot along and enjoy the scenery on their new furry friends.

Horseback riding vacation
By Greg Dunham/CC-BY-2.0, WikiCommons

Also included in this trip are nature hikes, kayaking, a canopy tour, snorkeling, and a crocodile boat safari. The tour passes through several Costa Rican villages, black sand beaches and the Machuca River Canyon. Six days are spent riding for 3-5 hours. All levels of horsemanship are allowed. Groups from 2 to 10 people, who ride with a knowledgeable guide, can be booked.

Below is a sample itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival in San José

You will be met at the San José International Airport and transferred to your hotel. Welcome dinner to get acquainted with
your fellow adventurers.

Day 2: Cien Fuegos Eco Ranch & Stables

Morning transfer to Cien Fuegos Eco Ranch and Stables, located along the Trinidad River in the dry Central Pacific Region. Upon arrival you will be introduced to your horse, the ranch and its facilities, as well as the guides. Your
familiarization ride will take you to the Hacienda La Maravilla, riding along rolling hills and meadows into the gallery forest
alongside Cuarros River – an excellent spot for wildlife encounters. Cross the river following a country lane while passing
farmland and rural homes. Arrive at Maravilla in time for lunch, then an afternoon hike. Dinner at Maravilla and overnight at Cerro Lodge.

Day 3: Maravilla

Life at Maravilla is friendly, relaxed and informal. Coffee and other drinks will be available early to quietly welcome the day. After a leisurely breakfast explore the Tarcoles River by boat. This river is home to one of the largest colonies of
crocodiles in Costa Rica, with specimens up to 10-23 feet in length. The area where the river merges with the Guacalillo
estuary and flows into the ocean is one of the prime locations to see endangered birds such as the Mangrove Cuckoo,
Mangrove Hummingbird, Mangrove Vireo and the Panama Fly Catcher. Also commonly encountered are water birds like
Pelicans, Boat–billed Herons, Spoon-billed Egrets and Cattle Egrets. The boat tour will be scheduled at high tide. After
lunch enjoy a 3-hour trail ride across the northern part of the hacienda near the Cuarros River. The terrain is picturesque, predominantly flat with gentle slopes and forested valleys.

Day 4: Pacific Coast

Today’s ride takes you on a splendid journey, following a route which was first used by the Spaniards as they began
exploring and settling along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica nearly 500 years ago. Ride through river valleys, jungle and
gallery forest before following the rural road to Tivives Crag which before a land slide into the sea was known as Port of
Landecho. From here you have unforgettable views of the Pacific. Riding time about 5 hours. Visit to Orotina and Caldera
Port town by vehicle after the ride. Return to the hacienda.

Day 5: La Leona Ranch

Explore the southern region of the privately owned La Leona Ranch on today’s 3-hour ride. Ride across savannas, large
mango plantations and explore some of the dry forest. Conclude the day with ocean kayaking and snorkeling.

Day 6: Rural communities

Today explore the center of the local communities and meet with the people who have hosted your stay during the week.
Pass through Santa Rita village, then travel along old railroad tracks, now overgrown and arrive at La Ceiba town where
you will stop for a short break and refreshments. Return for lunch to Maravilla. Then an afternoon Sky Way tour and
Canopy tour.

Day 7: Machuca River Canyon

Your final ride will take you to the Machuca River basin, passing Cascajal village. Ride into the area where the river
canyon broadens onto the plains. Heading towards the Jesus Maria River, explore the plains and the forested valleys
along the Machuca River Canyon where the land is very fertile and most commonly used to cultivate melons. Finish the
ride at a local hacienda and transfer to Maravilla for lunch. Afternoon transfer to San Jose for your final overnight.

Day 8: After breakfast transfer to the San Jose International airport for your departure.


The flight time from New York to Costa Rica is approximately five hours.



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