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Horseback in Bucks County

Over the mountain and through the woods to Bucks County we go.

Have fun and horseback ride on a designated Bucks County Horse Park trail! “of between 5 and 10 miles, crossing varied terrain with hills, open fields and woods. “ -

Bucks county is a wonder to horseback ride through it's wonderful, bounty of forestland. Galloping down leaf ridden trails, cool fall, spring or summer winds dashing past you face, Bucks County Horse Park is sure to please a group looking to spend time in good company out in a fresh country atmosphere.

When visiting different areas as a horseback trail riding guest, it is nice to remember to be respectful of others lawns, crops and pastures.

Sometimes the footing in PA woodlands can be treacherous when snow or ice is on the ground – staying out of the forest on horseback during inclement weather is the best advice.

When passing riders in other riding parties it is best to do so at a walk, never canter past another stranger's horse.

A note to Trainers/Instructors from The Bucks County Horse Park:

The Bucks County Horse Park welcomes instructors and their students and attempts to provide an appropriate and safe teaching and training environment. There are times when certain parts of the Park will not be available for use due to shows or inclement weather and poor footing. We ask your support in keeping the grounds and equipment in good condition for all. Please do not use the cross country jumps when the footing is soft or destroy or dismantle jumps in a ring.

The Park requires that trainers/instructors at the Park have a copy of their instructional insurance on file with the Park.

Please be aware that any instruction to a rider, constitutes teaching/instruction and requires insurance coverage. This is for your protection as well as the Park’s. Although seemingly helpful as it can be to tell someone how to get a stubborn horse over a fence or correct a rider’s position, if this person injures themselves as a result of your helpful advice, you can become involved in litigation.

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