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Horse Turd Shopping?

Okay, I can't resist sharing this online horse store I've run across. This has got to be one of the most unusual horse shopping experiences I've encountered, but surprisingly a great place for finding unusual horse gifts for your horse-loving friends! Hoofprints is an online horse store dedicated to all things equine, with an interesting section that sets it apart from your average horse shopping site. While I'll admit to the quote to the side being one of my favorites, I can't believe someone has actually incorporated this into a horse business! You simply must check out this website dedicated to the one true thing you can always depend on your beloved equine friend to bestow upon you- "poop" and lots of it! Check out this store for at the very least a good laugh!

If you"re like me, you may be surprised with the items you run across that you're serious about purchasing. There are some unique horse gifts available that won't soon be forgotten by recipients. The holidays will be here before you know it. I'm loving the coffee mug, night shirt, and wall clock that I'm considering, see for yourself.