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Horse slaughter issue subject of Oklahoma’s Senate Joint Resolution 66

Following soon after the completion of the spending bill and its short language prohibiting meat inspectors at horse slaughter facilities, a couple of legislators in the state of Oklahoma are actively pursuing slaughter-related interests. Senator Randy Bass is pushing his bill of Jan. 21 to allow people in Oklahoma to choose whether they want horse slaughter in their communities or not. His bill, Senate Joint Resolution 66, requires communities to speak with their majority votes. In a separate action, two Oklahoma legislators attempted to remove the inspection language from the spending bill and, even now, want to pursue separate horse slaughter legislation despite the apparent wishes of the nation’s people on the subject.

Oklahomans do not want horse slaughter
Sooner Poll

According to the SoonerPoll survey of 2013, the majority of Oklahoma citizens was against a horse slaughter facility. Opposition voiced concerns that a slaughterhouse would lower real estate, increase horse theft crime – the opinion against a horse slaughterhouse was clearly stated by people in Oklahoma whether they were Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, rural or city. The overwhelming majority simply did not want to be saddled with a horse slaughterhouse in their community or in their state.

Bass’ legislation would give counties in Oklahoma the final say over any horse slaughter plant.

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