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Horse riding in Babcock State Park


Though it sounds very tempting, it is not really worth the try, unfortunately, because Babcock State park is very beautiful. For the horse rider though, it is not very accessible. If visiting the park, better leave the horse at home.

The park is very friendly and there is a lot to see. There is the beautiful historic Grist Mill, surrounded by Rhododendrons. There is the nice creek that runs through the park and there are some spectacular views. The park has nice paths but mostly pavement, good for the bike, but the pavement is a bit boring on horseback. There are horse trails present though; this is because there is a tourist horse ranch in the park. That may sound good for the trail rider, but it is not.

First of all, the owner of the ranch does not want any other horses near his ranch while his horses are there (this is during tourist season) due to viruses you might bring. Off season it is not very pleasant either because the 50 or so ranch horses that carry the tourists around, a few times a day, have totally ruined the horse trails. When the rain falls, these trails are literally horrible to ride through on your horse. It has lumps and pits that go knee deep for the horse, uphill and downhill and all this effort is just not worth the ride.

I will share some nice pictures of the ride I did there, but please consider just taking your bike instead…


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