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Horse is fatally injured in a freak accident at a Bookham stable

Horse is free and acting up ready to run
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A story about a freak accident involving a horse fatality comes to the United States on May 8, 2014, reported by the Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser. The accident occurred at a Bookham stable in the United Kingdom.

As reported by the Advertiser, the horse was frightened and, in a panic, broke free and ran into the road and then collided head first into a fence. The horse had become loose during a dressage and jumping show held at the Great Bookham Equestrian Centre located on Dorking Road.

It all happened so very quickly and the horse could not be saved. Firefighters from Leatherhead and Painshill responded to the emergency calls, but their task was not a rescue. Instead, they had to remove the horse’s body from her fence entanglement.

A spokesperson for the firefighters said, “Our job was sadly to remove the horse from the fence so the body could be taken away.”

The effort to remove the horse off the metal fence required winches and animal rescue equipment. The Dorking Road was closed off at both sides for over two hours to allow the workers to clear the scene.

According to a witness who saw the upsetting incident, the mare freaked out after she broke something on the horse truck, pulled herself free and ran wildly into the road, ending up on the other side impaled on a metal fence. Even though help was at her side very quickly, the horse could not be saved.

Rebecca Stansfield, proprietor of the Great Bookham Equestrian Centre, told the Advertiser that this accident has saddened everyone immensely. She said,

We would like to thank the police, the fire service, the veterinary practices and all our staff who dealt with such a sudden and difficult situation with speed, efficiency and compassion.

The stable also issued a statement on their Facebook page stating that Bookham RC is sending “wholehearted condolences to those affected, especially the owner of the horse that was involved in the freak accident.”

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