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‘HorrorHound Weekend’ Day 2 recap

"Images from Day 2 of HorrorHound Weekend"
"Images from Day 2 of HorrorHound Weekend"

Saturday morning bought a slight chill to the suburbs of Sharonville, Ohio for the second day of HorrorHound Weekend. The main attractions of the day were the Evil Dead Panel, another great day of independent horror films, and a very well attended, well participated costume contest. One of the reasons for the turn out for the contest was due to a nice amount of money available to win. The guests rooms were packed and the celebs were busy on the main day for the horror convention.

"Day 2 Recap from HorrorHound Weekend!"

In the early portion of the day we attended the screening of the new short from director Jill Sixx ‘Call Girl’. The short stars Tristan Risk and Laurence Harvey and the review can be found on We missed some of the other shorts but were able to obtain a few of them afterwards which is why it’s always a smart idea to hang around after the screenings.

Back on the main floor celebs like Clint Howard, Kim Coates, Laurie Holden, and Bruce Campbell were extremely busy snapping away photos and chatting with fans. The line stretched around the door once again but the beauty of the Sharonville Convention Center is it swallows up the crowd whole so you never feel too clustered. The costumes looked amazing by some and that brings up the contest as the next highlight of the day.

“The Horrors Of Cosplay” costume contest had around 100 participants of children and adults dressed in everything from The Walking Dead characters to Resident Evil. There was a lot of time and effort put into most of the costumes including the unlimited number of “Ash” cosplays that seemed to be everywhere. The winners took home a nice amount of pocket change but everyone who dressed up left with something. The only gripe is the long delay on the tally count which lasted longer than the original unveiling. Seems as if the crew over thought the process but luckily the host was game and kept the crowd as motivated as possible. It was a great job by all who dressed up especially the guy in the ‘Franken Berry’ costume.

After a brief exclusive Q & A with director Jill Sixx about her film Call Girl we headed to the HorrorHound Film Festival award ceremony. The host did an awesome job of explaining the types of films they show at HorrorHound. He also showed the awesome hand carved awards from an amazing artist for this years winners. The winner for best special effects went to the deserving Brian Williams and Ellie Church for their film ‘Play Me’. Best actor went to the demented Allan Kayser in ‘House Of The Witchdoctor’. Though his co star David Willis could also make an argument for that award. Best actress went to Susan Adriensen for her role in the In Fear Of short ‘ Scotomaphobia: Fear of Blindness’. Directed by winner for best director Jeremiah Kipp. We watched one of his shorts ‘Baggage’ which was a very solid effort. Special shout out to the short ‘Pity’ which we felt was the most intense film of the entire selection. Winner of best short went to Jason Tostevin for the hilarious ‘Til Death’ while the best feature went to the Tiffany Shepis starring ‘Wrath Of The Crows’. We agree with most of the choices but everyone who attended the screenings this weekend went home a winner.

The last portion of the evening continued with a concert and screening of Devon Mikolas’ ‘House Of The Witchdoctor’. It was a great way to end the night as the hallways of the Radisson (across the street) filled with boozed up festival goers. We have one more day left here at HorrorHound to wrap this all up. Not too sure how the crowds will look but regardless we will break it all down for you as we draw close to the end of HorrorHound Weekend.

**BTW huge mistake in yesterday’s recap looks like a Tucker and Dale sequel is in development!

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