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Horror DVD Releases for March 19th, 2011

Heartless. A young recluse with a heart-shaped birthmark on his face discovers the Satanic secret behind a rash of gang murders on the streets of London. A deal with the Devil seems in order.

'Heartless' movie poster
'Heartless' movie poster
IFC Films

The Inheritance. An extended family gathers at their eccentric uncle's remote country home for the reading of a will. Leave it to crazy Uncle Melvin to eschew the services of a lawyer in favor of a murderous resurrected slave.

Last Breath. A couple's marriage is tested when they are locked inside the warehouse they just bought by a serial killer. Take note: the first-time buyer's discount is always a ripoff.

Mandrake. An adventurer and his wealthy benefactor unleash an ancient plant-beast, proving once again that the ceremonial dagger retrieval business is long overdue for a thorough risk-benefit analysis.

Mask Maker. The bad news: the 19th-century farmhouse you just purchased is haunted by the undead former owners. The good news: they're about to make you a handsome set of masks with all your friends' faces! Also known as Maskerade.