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Horror DVD Releases for December 21st, 2010

DevilM. Night Shyamalan's summer blockbuster.  Do you think riding in an elevator with strangers is an excruciatingly awkward experience?  Imagine if one of them was the Devil.

Dismal.  A group of classmates failing their biology class are given one last shot at some extra credit.  Unfortunately, this means venturing into a bloodthirsty cannibal's swamp home.  Remember kids, D's get degrees!

Good Boy.  A young man steals everything he can from his boss and skips town.  Unfortunately, his road to freedom is blocked by a murderous sadomasochist with a menagerie of humans he keeps as pets.

The Horde.  A French horror flick.  When a loose-cannon cop is gunned down by gangsters, four more seek revenge.  And they're not about to let a high-rise full of zombies get in their way. 

Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus.  In this sequel to 2009's Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, two enormous prehistoric creatures face off against each other, leaving a group of scientists to clean up the mess and try to find a way to destroy them.  Starring Jaleel "Steve Urkel" White.


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