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Horror DVD Releases for December 14th, 2010

Killjoy 3.  Equal parts Nightmare on Elm Street, IT, and Looney Tunes, this is the third installment in a little-known horror series about a fellow who's sure to leave you feeling coulrophobic.

Resonnances.  A French sci-fi/ horror flick.  Six friends on a mountain vacation run afoul of a serial killer and a ghost.

Seeing Heaven.  A young hustler starts having visions of his missing brother while he's "in the act."  His search for the truth becomes more and more dangerous as he nears it.

Slave.  A young man thinks things can't get any worse when his fiancee is abducted and sold into sex slavery.  But a creep known only as the White Arab is about to show him they can.

Vampire Circus.  There's nothing like a circus to take a nineteenth-century European villager's mind off the plague.  Unless of course the performers have a beef to settle.


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