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Horror at Disney, Satan, and Romance new to DVD this week

Josh Brolin stars in Labor Day, new to DVD and home viewing this week
Josh Brolin stars in Labor Day, new to DVD and home viewing this week
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson

It's a new week and that means new movies have come to the home video market. Whether that means you watch it via DVD, OnDemand or you just stream it from Netflix or one of the other streaming sites, the fact is that these are all new. And it's kind of a slow week, although interesting. If you are a fan of horror this is a good week, however. A big-deal Hollywood horror film featuring the Satanic One is out and a horror movie that was filmed guerrilla-style at Disney World is now available.

Here are the new DVDs out April 29, 2014:

Escape From Tomorrow - A small-budget movie filmed using cell phones and scripts on iPhones within the confines of Disney World itself. It is a very disturbing psychological horror film about a family on their last day of a vacation. The father begins to see horrific things going on in the land of dreams, becomes obsessed with two mysterious teenage girls, and begins to hallucinate horrors beyond imagining. At the same time, some mysterious flu-liked disease is sweeping through the park. Is all of this in his disturbed mind, or are things really going horrifically wrong? The movie was praised for the way in which it was filmed, but the story was criticized, resulting in mixed reviews. Not rated.

Devil's Due - Zach Gilford, Allison Miller, Colin Walker. Another horror movie in the found-footage genre. This one deals with a newlywed couple who loses time during their honeymoon. Neither can remember where they were one night, or what happened, but then the wife ends up pregnant. At first, the couple are overjoyed, but then horrible things start to happen with the wife. It turns out she is not pregnant with a happy bouncing baby boy, but evil, snarling Satan himself. This one was mixed, as well, as far as reviews, with many saying this is further evidence that the found footage genre needs to go away. Rated R.

Labor Day - Josh Brolin, Kate Winslet, Tobey Maguire. A love story about an escaped convict, possibly wrongly convicted, who ends up with a family of a single mom and her son. The mom has not recovered from losing her husband and has been slowly withdrawing from the world. Now, with this new man in her life, and the danger he represents, she finds love and a desire to leave her life behind. Thus, the new family takes to the road, trying to stay ahead of the law. A movie that was not well received by critics and quickly vanished from theaters when it was released early in 2014. Rated PG-13.