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Horror and other elements return for 'Thief' reboot

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It's been a decade since the Thief series last stalked our PCs, and a lot has changed in that time. Fans of this cult classic series have been calling for its continuation for years, though reaction to the upcoming reboot, first officially announced at last year's PAX East, were mixed. OXM recently spoke to Joe Khoury, the game's producer, in an interview they posted last Friday, where they discussed some elements that will be returning with this new installment.

The Thief franchise is known for many things, but perhaps nothing escalated it to cult status more than its horror elements. Khoury wasn't able to give a solid answer when asked whether we'd see enemies like the Craymen or levels like “The Cradle” in this new installment, though he did confirm that horror elements will be present in the reboot. A PR agent who was present chimed in, stating that the team is aware of the standout horror levels from previous games, and are looking at ways to please fans.

OXM went on to ask whether Hammerites and Pagans will be returning for the upcoming reboot, to which Khoury gave another vague reply.

They're in the game in a subtle way, as you'll see when the game releases. They're not in the game in the same way that they were in the first Thief, but we've given them an homage. Those guys in particular, we do give them a bit of a mention. It's a reimagining.

Thief is set to launch in North America on February 25th, and will be available on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One.

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