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Horror in Anchorage

Official movie poster
Official movie poster
John Cripps

There is a horror movie written and filmed right here in Anchorage. It is going to star and be made by members of Anchorage bands such as Bullet for Daisy, Sunbury, The Hoons, and others. John Cripps is heading the project and was nice enough to explain it further.

Q: Tell me a little about this upcoming movie

A: Well, the working title is “The Rock n Roll Freak Show Horror Movie.” The film will be in the horror-of-personality sub-genre, paying homage to the typical "1970s" exploitation films.

In other words: sex, drugs, and rock n roll, with the emphasis on the word “rock n roll,” of course. Hahahaha.

The motion picture will be written, directed, and filmed by local artists and musicians here in the Anchorage area. The Cast and Crew will be members of local bands, as well as promoters, friends, family and anyone that is willing to work toward making this movie a success.

The sole purpose is to help support and promote the artistic community. The one thing that I’m really excited about is the fact that the soundtrack will be done entirely by local bands. It started out as basically, a project for musicians, by musicians, but is quickly spreading to the art community as a whole.

Q: Who is going to be involved in this

A: Everyone that I’ve mentioned the project to, is 100% on board. Members of local bands, such as: Bill Tango, Russ Perry, Bobby Ferguson, Sarah Bartko, Andy Ladd, Catherine Liguori, Christian Woods, Eric Kross, Nichole Reynolds, Erik Braund, Nathan Lovel, Dan "Dapper" Ferguson, Sean Howland, Garrett Huff, Brandon "BanderSnatch" Boedigheimer, Kevin Wohlgemuth, Ian Tyrrel, Sebastian Fairchild, Jared Woods, Scott Barber, Tom Christ, Dean Richards, Justin Somaduroff, Lee Grohs, Chris "Otto" Granger, Erek Grohs, Lane Maillet, Tracy Cripps, Jennifer Ferguson, Cinnamon, Chris Latta, Ken Medina, Shaun Deegan, Paul Miller, Sarah Pederson, Amanda Siverson, Starlie Martin, Carrie Crook, and Candy McCloud and many others. Too many to name.

Q: when is it expected to be released

A: Release date is intended to be Halloween 2010.

Q: What movies or directors are some of the influences for this movie

A: There are several writers, directors, actors and such that are directly influencing the project, such as; Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Jack Pierce, Georges Méliès, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Edgar Allan Poe, Vincent Price, Alfred Hitchcock, George Romero, Wes Craven, Stephen King, John Carpenter, and of course the Prince of Darkness himself.

To keep track of the progress of Rock and Roll Freak Show and learn more about it visit 


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