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2014 Winter Olympics

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Horrific crash in Olympic Nordic combined event: Taihei Kato breaks arm (photos)

Taihei Kato's horrific crash on Olympic Nordic combined event course
Taihei Kato's horrific crash on Olympic Nordic combined event course
Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images

The Olympic Nordic combined event had fans watching live while Taihei Kato broke an arm in a very intense crash on the course. Athletes fly high when they come off the course and when the come down they need to make sure they don’t cause themselves any injury. According to Fansided on Tuesday, the skier hit the mountain at a high rate of speed at an angle to start a chain reaction.

Kato’s landing had the ski dislodging itself from his boot and the impact was extremely brutal. First on two skis and then on only one ski, the skier started rolling down the hill in a very violent way. He seemed to bounce and slip as he continued down at a high rate of speed. Finally he stopped, but by that time he broke an arm and he was badly bruised. Medics rushed the field to help once the skier landed on the course. Everyone who watched was horrified.

Olympic fans definitely don’t like seeing this type of accident on the course, but everyone knows there could be a risk involved with every sport. Even with some of the best skiers in the world, it’s possible to have an accident if equipment malfunctions or worse.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of Taihei Kato rolling down the mountain. It’s amazing he survived with only a broken bone!