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Horrific antibiotic resistant bug spreading through Illinois

The dangerous superbug lives in and infects the digestive track
The dangerous superbug lives in and infects the digestive track
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This has been deemed "the largest outbreak to date" of what professionals are calling a "nightmare bacteria" that has only added to major concerns surrounding the spread of antibiotic resistant super-bugs.

The outbreak of this particular strain was tracked back to a Chicago hospital in the suburbs, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention it has infected 44 people in Illinois just over the past year.

The bug is being called carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae or (CRE). It possesses a very rare enzyme that is known for breaking down antibiotics.

The bug, known as , bears a rare enzyme that breaks down antibiotics. CDC Medical officer, Alex Kallen said, "This is a huge cluster."

This is a bug that lives in the intestines. It is akin to a much larger family of bacteria including E. coli. It is spread therough fecies, and can be transmitted through casual contact. This is a very dangerous strain.

CRE has also been reported in Colorado, and with its potential to spread through day to day contact by people who are not even aware they are carriers is causing a a lot of worry. If the bloodstream is infected the victim had only a 50 to 60 percent chance of survival.

The CDC is investigating this outbreak, and the situation is being closely monitored. People in the Chicago area are being encouraged to get tested whether or not they have had symptoms. Seemingly healthy individuals could be carriers, and it is urgent to get a handle on the situation before it gets uncontrollable.

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