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Horrendous! – D.C. abortion fund gives coat-hanger pendant to donors

Pro Abortion group uses  coat hanger necklace as fundrasier
Pro Abortion group uses coat hanger necklace as fundrasier
Photo credit - Liberty News

Abortion in America has become a life destroying industry for organizations like Planned Parenthood, and now pro-abortion groups have taken this legalized murder option to more despicable level. A Washington D.C. pro-abortion group is using coat-hanger pendants as fundraiser items for donors as a means of generating increased operating money to kills unborn babies with, according to the National Review.

The coat hanger pendant is given to donors who make at least a $10 donation every month to the D.C. Abortion Fund (DCAF). They claim to want to assist women who cannot afford it but never addresses or even mentions the life of the child who is being killed. In fact the website labels the pregnancy as a burden that needs to be “taken away,” reported Liberty News.

The “charms of murder” as it could be named is explained away as a means of rewarding those who care about relieving women seeking abortion of the consequences of giving birth, as president Obama has previously labeled women who go through with full term pregnancy.

Instead the focus of the abortion group is to showcase all the problems women encounter in affording an abortion and why the shiny new glittering coat-hanger pendant will give the donor peace of mind and joy in helping increase the abortion murder rate.

Coat hangers that are murder charms are not the answer as many pro-life supporters freely acknowledge. Protecting life and “charms for life” will build stronger families and better values to help deal with the other life challenges.

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