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Conditions of an Alexander county puppy mill results in shut down

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The owner of a NC puppy mill located in Alexander County agreed to surrender more than 20 animals to the Humane Society of the US after the county Sheriff 's Office received warrants to seize the animals. The legislation recently passed in the state of North Carolina is the first to ever attempt any regulation of the conditions in what are known as "puppy mills," large animal breeding facilities that usually house large numbers of dogs in less-than-ideal conditions (see Puppy mill legislation passes in NC). Events such as the Alexander county bust, however are provoking the animal activist community to continue to demand more restrictive legislation that limits the number of animals a breeding facility can possess.

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According to the HSUS "North Carolina has become a haven for some of the worst puppy mill operators in the country," with over 16 puppy mill raids since 2011. The HSUS operates an award program for any individual who provides information that results in an arrest or removal of animals from a puppy mill. As with most cases leading to an arrest or removal, the animals in the Alexander County were facing severe and in many cases life threatening health conditions as well as intolerable living conditions. The animals were removed from the property by the Humane Society of Charlotte.