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Horoscopes March 30

Jeanne's Weekly Horoscopes March 30
Jeanne's Weekly Horoscopes March 30

Aries - Being extra courteous in your relationships this week will go a long way. This week's full moon could pose challenges.

Taurus - This week highlights planting or at the least, sprucing up your home with plants that bring you happiness. Your creativity is in full swing.

Gemini - Time to plan ahead and get to that budget you have been putting off. You'll be glad you did in the next few weeks.

Cancer - Stop worrying about every little thing. Pick the things that need attention today and spend some spontaneous time with your lover.

Leo - Try to be diplomatic with your spouse or significant other. It is not what you say as much as it is how you say it.

Virgo - This is a week to be careful about what you wish for because it could come true. Don't anticipate what other people may be thinking.

Libra - You may find yourself at a crossroads and have to make a decision. If you find it difficult to say what you think, think again or at least put it off a few days if you can.

Scorpio - Romantic adventures will heighten your relationship and bond you in ways you haven't experienced lately.

Sagittarius - Don't step on other people toes this week. Your words pack a punch so use them wisely.

Capricorn - This week things about your home will be on your mind. If you have wanted to make changes, the positive and long-term outcome will work out.

Aquarius - Expect the unexpected this week especially with anything mechanical. Being flexible in your relationship will encourage others to support you.

Pisces - Expect good times this week, especially with children and other family members. There is no need to go out on a spending limb.

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