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Horoscopes July 6

Free weekly horoscopes July 6
Free weekly horoscopes July 6
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Fundamentals are the theme of the week. It is far too easy to become so caught up in the details of daily life that we overlook those basic building blocks for our relationships, career plans, and most importantly, the karmic path. Keeping those fundamental elements in mind can help quell the uncertainty and resets the spiritual compass to realign our steps on the path forward.

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “getting back to basics” yet it becomes all too easy to just pay lip service to this very important spiritual concept. The fundamental elements that comprise our beings-understanding, compassion, acknowledgement, emotions (to name a few) need to be tended to with the same care that we dedicate to the more superficial parts of our world. When the internal fundamentals languish, our ability to navigate the course of destiny becomes impaired and the path forward is obscured by illusion, misunderstanding and confusion.

Think of the elements, good and bad, that make up who and what you are. You’ll be surprised to discover that most of these items are not that which you present externally but, rather, comprise the person that you aspire to be internally. This is your unique set of fundamental blocks of the soul. Nourish and support them and the rest becomes easy, both from a physical and a karmic perspective.

TAURUS It’s time to simplify this week and be in the present. Worrying about the past or planning for the future just won’t work.

CANCER You might find yourself reviewing the past, whether it is relationships or career. Try to keep your keen sense of humor as the week unfolds.

SCORPIO Finances will be on your mind this week. Think twice about spending unless you absolutely have to. You’ll be glad you did. Restraint is the key.

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