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Horoscopes: for the week of May 3, 2010

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You might as well whistle while you work as career life may feel volcanic as the week begins. You may still be feeling like the confident you regardless, and necessary.    Mid-week you may feel challenged to bring your dreams and wishes forth through creative processes, do run with it. As the weekend approaches and settles in prepare your dream journal as much information and many feelings may be revealed during your slumber.
Your feelings may be transforming in regards to your philosophical views and exposure to other cultural behaviors may play a part in this discovery and expansion. Mid-week all the action taking place on the home front may be playing a little tug of war with how you’re feeling about your career and work/life balance. With Venus traveling your solar second house of worth you may find that regardless of any situation spending your funds on pleasurable experiences will prove most enjoyable for the next few weeks.
The deepest part of your soul may be feeling a little rocked with some volcanic like pressure as the week begins. The energy may best be channeled through intimacy with another. Mid-week any project that involves writing and communicating that has been on hold may not be any longer as the pressure is on to get going on the project’s expansion. Deep meditation added to your routine may help you to focus. Over the weekend you may notice a feeling to balance the seriousness of your home and family life with that of your public image.
As this week begins you may feel supported by your friends and social circle while you’re relationship status continues morphing and experiencing some volcanic like pressure. Mid-week finances and resources may be on the hot seat, so it is advised to focus inwardly on creative and spiritual means to settle the uneasy vibrations. Continuing the meditative practices in creativity and spirituality may bring forth feelings of expansion and an intuition to learn more about the philosophies of others.
Be mindful of feelings you have in regards to your body and overall health and trust your intuition. Also be mindful of not exhausting yourself and depleting your energy. Matters of worth and finances may be stressors that contributes to this exhaustion, not to mention you are continually on the move anymore. Do take time for rest and relaxation. Mid-week a partner’s feelings may contribute to pressures felt in your career and the assertive image you’ve been projecting. Spend time with your family to offset this.
Beginning this week with creative pursuits in mind is the most opportune use of the energies. This eruption of creativity may be something to consider as a career path down the road so use your feelings and move with the energy. Mid-week you may feel the activity of your higher self, so it is advised that you stay hydrated and be mindful of your signals of your body so that you don’t become exhausted. Once in the weekend have some romance with your partner, do something tangible through your creative nature that can be cherished.
When it comes to home and family matters as this week begins you may feel the rumblings of volcano like disturbances. Mid-week may be a time to check in emotionally on the progress of your intimate relationship as things may feel heated and tension filled during this time. Once in the weekend your routines may feel like all work and no play. It is advised you take some time to expand your philosophical horizons and engage in some educational literature to offset some of this domestic pressure.
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Since you rarely show what you’re feeling writing those feelings out, especially in sensations of stress is advised and an available purge for the start of your week. Mid-week you may be feeling family, and challenged by the pressure of your partner. Just be mindful of aggressive feelings and try to focus on you, as you really are all you truly have control over anyway. Feelings move over the weekend into your creative world, including children. Your emotional focus here will prove beneficial to all involved.
So financial matters are on the hot plate as the week begins, but your carefree nature will move through it and flow into your natural ability to see the big picture and review the transformation that seems to slowly be morphing. Mid-week your usual steady pace may get some go, go, go pressure and if channeled properly may be an opportune time to network in your community on behalf of your career and presence in large social groups. Over the weekend some emotional energy spent at home may be of best use for your spirit and the spirits of those around you.
Feeling a little exposed as the week begins is the power of the energies, thank goodness for your cool and controlled nature. Matters of worth both self and monetary are on the table mid-week, while you may feel there is a structured support happening it may be met with some unclear thinking, so it advised to review finances rather than act on them. Over the weekend you may find running a few errands around town while going with the flow of things a nice use of the energies as well as time reflecting then channeled into writing.
Meditative practices are a wonderful use of the energies starting this week and integrating those practices into your daily routines will assist in you better nurturing your mind, body, and spirit. Mid-week you may feel emotionally exposed with some possible heat coming from your relationship world, so do be mindful of your feelings and their manner of expression. Your home and family may feel the pressure of this energy and giving some attention to your career may help offset this focus. The weekend will bring feelings surrounding worth, both self and financial, a time to reflect on your values.
The week begins with feelings of your friends and social groups exposed where some underlying powerful changes seem to be slowly taking place. Mid-week the feeling shift moves into your solar twelfth house, the traditional Pisces house of spirituality and the psychological mind, excellent for enhancing your natural psychic nature and abilities. Once in the weekend you may notice your emotions exposed and openly expressed. This is an opportune time to honor your sensitive nature.

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