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Horoscopes for cats: What's your cat's sign of the Zodiac?

Most exasperating of the Zodiac
Most exasperating of the Zodiac
various sources

The Sun's position in your cat’s horoscope (their sign of the Zodiac) shows its true identity, which may or may not be obvious. You cat's Sun Sign not only influences its personality, mood, and disposition, but it also shows you where they put their best paw forward. This may answer your question of why your Virgo cat loves your dog more than it loves you?

Libra Cat: Lying around all day often leads to weight problems.
various sources

Cat horoscopes are based on your pet's birthday, so which sign of the Zodiac is your cat?

Read on and enjoy! (Dates vary slightly from year to year)

  • ARIES Cat - Mar 21-Apr: The loner

Aries cats are temperamental and active, perhaps the most exasperating of the Zodiac. They are perpetually on the move, rushing through life, determined to make the most of their nine lives. Aries cat owners may sometimes forget they even have a pet, as these cats are seldom home. The occasional empty feeding bowl or tail disappearing through the cat-flap may be the most owners see of Aries cat, which has no desire to spend evenings in a haze of "stroke and purr." They much prefer the wide open spaces. Basically loners, if forcibly confined to an owner's lap, Aries cat quickly converts from a feline into a writhing bundle of needle-ridden fur.

  • TAURUS Cat- Apr 21-May 21: The immovable cat

Taurus cats are unflappable, almost impossible to shock, and able to hold their own in the face of danger (usually because they're too lazy get up and move out of the way). They are steady and dependable, always where expected and doing what's expected. Physically, Taurus cats are very large, the kind of cat whose size is usually remarked upon by everyone who sees it. They have big, beautiful eyes and an equally large appetite, often resulting in obesity. You'll have to vacuum around, dust around, and step over this cat, as it sleeps most of time, and once asleep, nothing will waken it.

  • GEMINI Cat - May 22-June 21: Have mouth, will talk

This split-personality Gemini Cat is a charmer, capable of winning over even the most fervent cat-hater. They are high strung, playful, fickle, and indecisive to the point of distraction. They have small features and bright eager eyes that are constantly on the move. Sleek and long-limbed, Gemini cat's actions are always erratic. It's not often cats obey a human command, but Gemini Cats prove to be the exception. They are nothing if not communicative and will "meow" back to you in response to your questions. Problems arise when you expect Gemini cat to do something it doesn't want to do, like stay inside at night. Fortunately for them, they're exceptionally bright and soon learn to open any cat-flap.

  • CANCER Cat - June 22-July 22: Cat of many moods

Basically shy, Cancer cats are also adaptable, variable, unpredictable, and moody. That amiable expression they wear conceals a lot of inner turmoil, but they have the uncanny ability to melt the human heart. Cancer cats have a constant desire for affection and respond well to tender loving care and lots of pampering. They definitely are NOT the fighters of the Zodiac and will back timidly away from confrontations. Home sweet home is where their heart is, a place to sleep away the daylight hours. The nighttime is the right time for this feline. That’s when they truly come into their own, especially at the time of the Full Moon. Cancer cat’s memory is the best of the species, so if you treat them badly, they'll not soon forgive, or forget.

  • LEO Cat- July 23-Aug 22: I rule the world

Leo cats are domineering, truly believing they rule the world and everyone in it, including their owners. Only occasionally does a Leo Cat relax, chase its tail, or bite its toes. Most of the time, they remain composed, as befits a true monarch. Physically, Leo Cat has a commanding presence, stately bearing, and beautiful features, along with a symmetrical body, well-proportioned limbs, and the grace of a ballerina. A born entertainer, Leo cat will charm your guests, wrapping around a favored person's leg before leaping into their arms without warning. Leo cats are usually healthy, well adjusted, and intensely loyal (in their own way). These extroverted cats have but one drawback – they are extremely jealous, so be careful how you bestow your affections in their presence.

  • VIRGO Cat - Aug 23-Sept 23: Fussy, finicky cat

Virgo cats make ideal pets and are a joy to have around (most of the time). Physically, they are quite attractive with wiry bodies and a strong, muscular build, athletic and agile. However, health wise, they can be victims of allergies and their tender skin reacts badly to flea powder. Virgo cats are fussy, especially where food is concerned. Nothing that comes out of a tin will ever be satisfactory, nor will leftovers, and they react negatively to sudden changes in diet and harsh smells. On top of that, you’ll have to serve them their meal in the same place, in the same way, at the same time every day. They adore dogs and have even been known to prefer dog food to fish. Fanatical about keeping clean, Virgo cats spend more time preening than any other cat in the Zodiac.

  • LIBRA Cat - Sept 24-Oct 23: Copy cat

Libra cats are so unsure of what is expected of them that they’ll copy mannerisms and behavior patterns of their owners. They devote hours to observation. In fact, most owners quickly become used to watching four-legged images of themselves strolling around the house. Completely indecisive, Libra cats find it hard to decide whether to come in or go out, but in comfortable surroundings, they project an atmosphere of well-being that is pleasant to be around. Some of them are lazy, lying around all day, and such listless behavior can lead to weight problems. A cat that is so fat you can’t see its legs is not much fun for you or the cat. To make matters worse, Libra cats have healthy appetites and eat just about anything and everything you put in its bowl. This is a cat that wants to be close to its owner, all day, every day, and if left alone, it will pace and cry and scratch at the door.

  • SCORPIO Cat - Oct 24-Nov 22: Force to be reckoned with

Powerful Scorpio cat has more to it than a mere sting in its tail. This cat is determined, self-controlled, somewhat devious, and always a puzzle. For reasons known only to them, they're often found crawling around inside of objects like boxes and cabinets. Scorpio cats are particularly drawn to those "unfortunate humans" who are "not fond of cats." However, deep inside this truly mixed-up cat, is a feline desperately seeking love and security. You can recognize them by their beautiful eyes and muscular bodies. Later in life, you can recognize them by their bow legs and waddling walk. Did I mention their great love of food? Normally healthy, at the first sign of ill health (a dry nose and labored breathing), it’s probably best to book Scorpio cat into intensive care at the vet's office. This is a one-person cat that singles out a family member to bond with and then ignores the rest. By the way, if there's a death in the family, this cat will be the first to know.

  • SAGITTARIUS Cat - Nov 23-Dec 21: The happy wanderer

Something of a split personality, Sagittarius cat possesses the speed and power of a horse combined the wisdom of a cat. This feline is driven by two forces that combine to produce amazing behavior. Energetic and good natured, this cat is a joy to have around, especially if its owner keeps horses. Having animals in the household provides stimulation for Sagittarius Cat, who is fond of feline companionship. However, as they can't sit still for more than a minute, it's important never to confine or restrict them, as they know exactly how to retaliate, with disastrous results for the owner. These cats will never be a "noticeable addition" to any family, as they act more like guests, occasionally dropping in and then dropping out, almost immediately. However, when they are present, Sagittarius cats are capable of bestowing a considerable amount of affection, and they also like affection, just don't smother them. Sagittarius cat has a habit of being in the wrong place at the right time.

  • CAPRICORN Cat - Dec 22-Jan 20: The director

At first, Capricorn kittens appear to fit in quickly, being house trained almost overnight and making the mistake of jumping on the kitchen table only once. Later, it becomes apparent that the opposite is true, your Capricorn cat has actually trained you to do its bidding. Capricorn cats can be difficult to recognize by appearance alone, as physically, they're often lanky and very much "ordinary" cats, unlikely to draw laudable gasps of admiration. They do, however, enjoy doing out-of-the-ordinary things, like sleeping in the bathtub on hot days or drinking water from the faucet. Capricorn cats are frightened by things that don't bother other cats like shadows on the wall, the dark, and high places. They are most secure when sleeping under the bed or behind shoes in a closet. As strays, they adapt quite well to a life in the wild.

  • AQUARIUS Cat - Jan 21-Feb 19: Emotionally detached eccentric

Unconventional Aquarius cat is easily bored and constantly seeking change. Like no other cat in the Zodiac, Aquarius cat is extremely independent and (like Aries cat) a loner. They're more than a little eccentric, preferring chocolate to fish, choosing to sleep in the dog's basket, and enjoying a good bath. Aquarius cats are prone to poor circulation and need plenty of exercise, but fortunately for them, they enjoy anything that requires running around or climbing. They seem to understand the advantages of sharing life with humans, so they'll be around at lot, watching . . . but unseen. On rare occasions, when they come out of hiding to play and amuse, this is probably the only quality time owners have with this cat. Blessed with an ability to get along with almost everyone, they have a strange allure that attracts acquaintances of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life. Drawn to performing for the masses, Aquarius cat is likely the one you see happily munching on a bowl of Meow Mix on TV.

  • PISCES Cat - Feb 20-Mar 20: Dupli-cat

You get double trouble with difficult Pisces cats. They are hard to understand being stable and inconsistent, playful and moody, friendly and uncommunicative, all at the same time. Pisces cat is a "dupli-cat," that is, a feline who sees double and does everything twice. This sensitive cat can adjust to almost any situation and can actually see your soul. Physically, Pisces cat is frail, so small in appearance that they’re hardly there at all, with thin, soft fur. Actually, they'd prefer a life at sea, but if forced to live in a house, they’ll find some way to play in water. Puddles, running faucets, draining sinks, and flushing toilets fascinate them, and, wanting to share their passion with their owners, they often jump totally soaked into their owners laps. Intuitive Pisces cats are instinctively aware of their owners plans, and become scarce if an anticipated activity is something they consider unpleasant, like a dose of medicine or having their toenails clipped.

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