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Horoscopes by Jeanne January 12

Free Love Horoscopes
Free Love Horoscopes

Aries - Your new ideas shine this week. Make sure to put some of them to work.

Taurus - It is time to make amends with friends and relatives. Communication could be your breakthrough this week.

Gemini - It is time to share those ideas you've had on the back burner especially at work with your team. What you have to say will be heard because it has value.

Cancer - Your lessons continue as this week unfolds. Be prepared to get caught off guard and know that it is ok to speak your mind as long as your emotions are kept in check.

Leo - Be prepared to make some choices this week. Hold that temper - especially around children.

Virgo - Shared resources with family, especially finances could be on your topic of discussions this week. Talk them over with your best girl friend first. This will prove to be a valuable move and give you perspective.

Libra - Even though you may have been under stress these last few days, the improvements are coming and so are the opportunities.

Scorpio - Those that live at a distance will be on your mind. Get in touch and share some of those inner thoughts. It will be appreciated.

Sagittarius - Your financial situation will need some attention these next few days. It is time to make some changes that will prove beneficial.

Capricorn - Your recent emotional ups and downs are best discussed with a supportive woman this week. You will not regret it and it will help you through these changing and transformational times you are going through.

Aquarius - Have patience and determination on the job this week. Your thinking is usually way ahead of your co-workers. You can 'see' the bigger picture ahead.

Pisces - If you are looking for love, don't be shy about using the internet. This is one practical way to improve your love life.

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