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horoscope May 9 to 15, 2014

Last week’s trend continues. As we move away from the Cardinal Grand Cross of late April, we are challenged to move through inner and outer barriers into different patterns of activity, new directions, and new ways of expressing our energy. If we were able to make some breakthrough changes in how we conduct our lives, we are pushed to keep the new directions going. This is a week for new perspectives and new levels of awareness. Get in a positive groove. The purpose behind taking new directions is to be happier and more enthusiastic about our lives. If that is not happening, there is still time to make adjustments.

The weekend holds two big planetary oppositions, as well as the Full Moon: The Sun oppose Saturn and Venus oppose Mars. These suggest feeling up against obstacles, however on a deeper level such obstacles come into our lives to show us a larger perspective. Before we know what we want, we find out what we do not want. This weekend seems to be one of those weekends when we are finding out what we do not want. By Monday the energy is up and things are getting done in a more consciously directed manner. The Full Moon on Wednesday May 14th presents, what could be termed another challenge, but I prefer to call it a &#34;dare. &#34;We are dared to think and act outside of our usual parameters in order to get through an ongoing issue. The Full Moon is accompanied by Venus conjunct Uranus and square Pluto. Venus and Mercury work together to help us make some progress on the ongoing Uranus square Pluto aspect. The revolution needs to be fun.

Questions come up this weekend about your investments, resources, credit, and finances. Maybe you do not need to be so conservative? Make people with whom you have dealings be direct and upfront by drawing them out to say what they mean. Someone may be deceptive or at least passive aggressive. This week is significant in your career and community standing. There is an opportunity to use your communication skills to boost your authority and groom your position to your liking.

This weekend may be draining. Make a point of getting proper rest and nutrition. Close relationships may require too much effort. Hold off on any big decisions about relationships. Keep a firm grasp on your budget. Do not get drawn into a scheme or funding someone else&&#39;s hedonism. From Monday on through the rest of the week make sure you speak up at work and with any dealings that have legal or regulatory aspects. You can garner sympathy and allies. The Full Moon Wednesday brings greater clarity to your more important relationships.

Work or health matters that come up this weekend are there to tell you to act differently. You need to stick up for yourself and look after your own needs. Give yourself some elbow room from the expectations of others. The requisite diplomacy is not hard to use. There is a bit of “fake it until you make it” going on for you. From Monday the week holds an opportunity to shift gears in your business and finances. Shift into a more comfortable pattern of income and expenditures. Connect to your community and your tribe.

You feel the pull to socialize and get out there this weekend, because you are drawn to participate in a social trend or movement. You must assess the strength of your motivation and be brave. Take a chance. Pursuing an unusual career development also comes up or is a part of this, too. Home and family obligations may have to wait. Feeling a little defensive or insecure? your psychic abilities may be telling you someone does not have your best interests in mind. Through the week ahead your sense of security and confidence is bolstered. Make bold steps to enhance your career.

Career demands are taking you away from domestic obligations. Maybe you want to reflect upon your domestic scene and how you want to live. Moves and big changes do not seem to be anytime soon, but you can and should dream. The weekend is ripe with the potential for misunderstandings. Do not assume, do not seethe about what someone has said. Express your feelings clearly and ask for clear speaking in return. This week be fun and bold to get challenges settled the best you can.

This weekend is about planning for a brighter future in the next months and the next years. Make the effort to be optimistic and forward looking. Look upon your credit and resources more positively. Opportunities are coming for further productivity. Get communication extra clear with a partner. You will feel better knowing where you stand. This week brings flashes of inspiration about how you may empower yourself and dissolve some worries forever.

Lift up your face from your focus and look and listen to what others have to say. You are attracting support and good ideas. Consider taking a suggestion or two. Break from some of your patterns and stubbornness. You know how to build more financial security, so get on with it. A close relationship acts as a catalyst that produces flashes of insight about your career and future directions.

Go easy on yourself this weekend. Look to enjoy some pleasantness and comfort. Anxiety about work or health issues is unproductive. Grab your partners attention and provide clear communication about your expectations. Analyze business and credit finances and look for unnecessary leaks. This week brings significant insight into how you might change your thinking and work routines.

Be careful that habits of thinking and listening have you assume too much, or neglect the needs of family and friends. Listen between the lines with some sensitivity. This week asks you to look after your own health and well-being. A candle burning at both ends becomes burn-out. A creative dynamic develops that may be positively inspiring. Solutions come to you. And so does potential romance.

This is a week to break old outworn patterns of your own behaviour. Changes in how you socialize and participate in your community are beckoning. This may involve connecting with old friends, whom you have not seen for years. An opportunity reveals itself to cut through a stalemate in your career and family life. New leverage appears. Conceal the revolutionary push in some charm and grace. Line up support with the Full Moon Wednesday.

You are feeling stuck where you are at. This concerns your home and career. Seek advice and a fresh perspective. There is always a new direction to take. Tighten up your control of your finances this weekend. Taking a new direction may need a little time and research. You don’t have to do everything on your own. Connect to family and friends with enquiries about work and supportive opportunities. The Full Moon Wednesday supplies a clearer picture of what is required to create change.

Accept that the beginning of this week is about awareness. Getting a realistic perspective on where you are at financially and intellectually. Look at your goals and see how they link up to realities. Then look for a breakthrough with the Full Moon on Wednesday. You feel empowered, strong, and secure. Information comes through. It is as though you remember what you wanted to do. You feel sure about where you want your creative energy to take you.

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