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Hormonal chaos and weight gain

Chaos dances often internally??
Chaos dances often internally??
Mary MacIntyre

Hormones working in a balanced fashion keep our organs functioning smoothly. In the references below, you can read more about the details. When hormones are inhibited, or when the body produces too many, the endocrine system loses optimum functioning.

What does this mean to you? Added weight gain, loss of energy, fatigue, clogged liver, mood swings, and much more. When life adds stress, environmental toxins, poor nutrition, and insufficient rest, the body has the recipe for chaos soup.

In past articles on hormonal disruption, the focus often portrayed the hormone cortisol as the leading hormone in this drama. Any woman will relate to the impact of hormonal cycles and weight gain. Men dodge their hormonal issues, however, mention adrenal stress or some chronic diseases such as heart disease, chronic joint pain or diabetes, and they too are ready to listen. All humans are sensitive to hormonal overload and imbalance. This includes the children too.

Recent reviews add more hormones to the top aggravators list. They include: grehlin and leptin. Imagine a normal body like the beginning of a chess board. Each hormone has a job to do, and functions to regulate. Our body however never remains static. As the game of chess begins, different game pieces may block moves, remove important players, or even create a stalemate. Just as the above added complications happen, mentioned above, these hormones directly connected to fat production, storage, and conversion to energy frequently become compromised. More weight gain multiple the pounds. Frankly, your gaining weight does not simply result from lack of exercise or overeating.

What are you to do in 2012? How can New Mexicans improve their health and hormonal balance? Return for the continued articles on these subjects. In the meantime: read the articles below. Visit your local New Mexico Natural Grocers stores where nutritional coaches can provide free consultations to help you choose excellent health supporting action plans (at no additional charge to you). Avoid fad diets. Always consult you health practioner for more ideas.




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