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Horary Astrology: A Short Introduction

Horary astrology is an old form of astrology, the practice of which has been recommended even by English astrologer William Lilly in his book “Christian Astrology.” This form of astrology is concerned with providing answers to the most difficult of questions, the kind of question one would ask oneself during difficult times.

The main idea is to calculate a horoscope which is drawn up for the precise moment when the question was asked verbally or only in your mind. This ensures that your dilemma is put into perspective, and that you receive assistance or suggestions which can contribute to your solving the problem. However, the key element of horary astrology is to ask a valid question. If the question is a valid, then so is the chart.

Let’s try to define what a valid question is. Horary astrology starts from the premise that the question is asked when your need to know the answer is incredibly strong, and when the intention is clear. In order to receive a helpful, relevant answer, you must be emotionally attached to the question you ask and you have to formulate it clearly. Asking a question simply because you’re bored and in the answer of which you’re mildly interested will provide an ambiguous result devoid of any value or meaning.

Concerning the origins of horary astrology, it seems to have been around for centuries if not millennia even. The etymon of both “horary” and “horoscope” is the Greek “horus” which means “the hour.” Therefore, we may define horary astrology as the study of a specific moment in time in order to offer an answer to a question of great importance to the individual who asked it.

As in the case of many other forms of astrology, horary astrology appeared and developed not from man's need to understand himself, but rather from his need to survive. Questions regarding major life events and needs – wars, food, rulers, childbearing, etc. – were answered thanks to the study and knowledge of horary astrology.

By comparison, the questions one may ask nowadays seem more mundane and personal. Frequent question may be “Will I find my lost wallet?” “Will I get the job?” “Am I going to get married with X?” “Will I be successful in the business environment?” and so on.

Regardless of the era or of the nature of our questions, horary astrology will continue to help mankind years from now, providing answers to the most ardent of our questions. One of the best things about this type of astrology is that if the question is valid, so will be the answer. Nothing is ever foggy or in a gray area when it comes to horary astrology. “Ask and you shall receive.”

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