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Horary astrological view of the new volcanic activity in Indonesia.

Volcanic eruption
Volcanic eruption

In the following YouTube video of the volcanic eruptions in Indonesia you will notice that it is being conjectured that there may be an eruption soon in the US, either in Yellowstone or in the Gulf of Mexico. A horary astrological chart was drawn up in Albuquerque, NM on November 1st at 7:12 PM MDT to determine if such an eruption were to happen, where it would happen.

It looks like if it would be in the South, not the Northwest. All of the planets now, save the Moon, are in southern declinations to confirm this. The Moon at the time of the horary chart was on the equator going into southern declinations. That means the pull is toward the South, not the North. When Neptune turns direction early next week it could possibly time a new eruption. I think, if it is to be in the region of North America, it could be possibly in the Gulf, but also in Mexico or in the Caribbean. South America might be more active.

Earthquake activity may be anticipated in the more southerly latitudes of Mexico, Central America and South America. More quakes in Chile or in the Pacific are possible. A volcanic eruption in the Gulf would be catastrophic. Pray it doesn't happen.

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