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Hopkinton beaver dam demolished by humans without Town Hall's consent

Dam built by beavers.
Dam built by beavers.
Laura Krantz /Daily News and Wicked Local

Last year a Legacy Farms developer was authorized to trap and kill more than 40 beavers that were building a dam near a Hopkinton, Mass. housing development. The dam was causing flooding, which the developer, Roy MacDowell, claimed was endangering the homes being built or about to be built, according to the Metro West Daily News.

Now the developer has to come up with a legitimate plan to manage the beavers after a dam was dismantled without the town's authorization.

Though MacDowell claims to have no knowledge of how the dam was taken down, it was definitely dismantled by humans and not beavers, according to Donald MacAdam, Hopkinton's conservation administrator.

Taking down the dam alters the resource area, which needs to be approved by the town. A management plan must be in place to deal with any future, possible beaver problems.

The dismantling of the dam has not caused any problems to date. Though the Conservation Commission recommends breaking through the dams every summer, this particular dam came down before summer arrived.

When Malcolm Speicher was hired to trap the beavers at the end of last year, devices were installed to help keep the water flowing through the dams.

MacDowell argues that beaver dams are responsible for destroying forests, roads and homes. He will be working with an outside company to come up with a plan to manage the beavers in the area.

Land developer boasting preservation has beavers killed due to dam building

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