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Hoping to reverse this change when the bubble bursts on communist Democrats

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Knowing the crash that is coming is not rocket science. Twelve million fewer Americans have jobs than six years ago, and there are twice as many people collecting some form of welfare. Democrats have been shelling nearly a trillion dollars a year to Wall Street which has increased the wealth of rich Democrat donors while keeping jobs and inflation low.

Thanks to simple manipulation, Democrats have given the appearance that unemployment is down and the economy up. But the truth will soon hit Americans in the head and Obama is hoping he will be long out of office, and Republicans at the helm, so Democrats can blame the collapse of this house of cards they've built on them. There's no doubt they will wait to stop “quantitative easing” until they lose the election to Republicans because, unlike 2008 when they crashed the economy, it will be Obama at the wheel.

The crash following on eight years of massive debt will make the Great Depression look like a brief setback. Democrats have forged the mechanism of economic destruction that, so long as they can blame Republicans, can set them up for the next century as the 1930s tax hikes did. Making millions of lazy, greedy, clueless fools impoverished and dependent on government would push America over the brink, and they could finally establish the communist state for which they have always yearned for since Woodrow Wilson.

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