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Hope Solo's arrest takes a twist; attorney says Hope is domestic violence victim

Hope Solo arrested for domestic violence
Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Hope Solo is still in jail and she won’t be leaving until she sees a judge on Monday, but her attorney is speaking out before the hearing. While some fans of the soccer star are shocked about the allegations that Solo hit other people and the two counts of domestic violence have already hurt the star’s image, but her attorney suggests that Hope Solo is the victim. According to the USA Today on Sunday, attorney Todd Maybrown told the media that the soccer star is the victim of domestic violence.

Neighbors in the area of were Hope Solo’s sister lives were surprised by all the commotion of the party. Apparently the incident was loud and alarming to the people living in the area. Local TV stations nterviewed one young girl who lived on the block and describe the incident as a “little bit scary.”

The incident had the police called to the residence. According to TMZ on Saturday, Solo allegedly got into an argument with her sister and nephew during the party and allegedly attack them. Reports suggested they each had visible injuries when cops arrived. Solo was arrested on two counts of domestic violence assault and hauled to a nearby station where she was booked.

Solo’s attorney is definitely trying to paint a different picture. Suggesting that different facts about the incident will be presented in court, the attorney suggested that Hope was assaulted and injured instead of her sister and nephew. This theory has some fans scratching their heads as the police would have been able to decipher this issue at the scene. Many people are interested in hearing the 911 calls to see if that helps suggest what happened during the incident.

Will Hope Solo’s position with the Seattle Reign of the National Women's Soccer League be reviewed? The league has suggested they are watching the matter and fact gathering is currently ongoing. Depending on the outcome, this incident could impact her career.

Hope Solo is expected to be in court on Monday morning to address the charges.

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