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Hope Lives On Through Our Grief

When you're struggling with grief one of the hardest things to find in your heart is a sense of hope. The sense that someday you will be able to move on and go forward without the wrenching ache or alternate dullness you feel during grief. Grief is non-linear despite what modern day media wants us to believe.

We all grieve differently and have our own way of grieving which is not only our right, but also the best possible path we can take in order to move forward from a loss. Sometimes even being in isolation can help us just focus on what we are feeling without the daily activities that keep us busy but don't always aid us in processing our grief.

After the loss, oftentimes when we are finally alone, we recognize that the only way to the other side of grief is through grief. If we are able to slowly let ourselves feel the loss, then we will be better able to find our hope to a place of letting go and moving on.

The good news is that hope lives on and is always available to us no matter where we are in the grief process. We can stay in a constant state of hope.

Hope is defined by Webster's dictionary as, "a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen," but did you know that hope is also defined as, "a feeling of trust'? The latter definition is what we who are grieving can hold onto with all our might. We can have the feeling of hope and know that there will be a time when our losses will feel a little easier to carry and we will be able to move to a new understanding and a new way of life.

Time does not heal all wounds, but it can ease the pain of those wounds. When we lose someone significant to us whether it be through death, divorce, or abandonment - the very best thing we can do for ourselves is to trust that no matter what the loss, we will find a way through it.

We can reach out to others who have had a similar loss and find support through them, and we can be easy on ourselves during our time of grief, knowing that we need to give ourselves time and space to process what has happened in our lives.

If we continue to hope that we will find our way through to the other side, we will ultimately get there at whatever pace works best for our unique grieving process.

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