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Hope and Change becoming Hopeless and Chagrin for young adults

If any proof was needed that young adults who supported Obama are disappointed the recently reported Young Misery Index suggests they are experiencing the reality of being heavily in debt with student loans and having few economic opportunities. The utopia they bought into is rewarding them with the inability to find full-time jobs and in many cases having to move back home and live under their parents’ scrutiny.

The Young Misery Index measures economic opportunities available to young people. It shows that disadvantages for this generation are at an all-time high.

When Bush left office the index was 69.3 and under Obama’s presidency rose to 98.6 in 2013. Statistics indicate that these young adults have an unemployment rate of 16.3. This makes Obama the worst president for youth opportunity in American history.

Young adults are now realizing that job creation has died under Obama’s leadership and like other Americans are seeing it snuffed out by regulations, rules, taxes and ObamaCare. The jobs once offered by small businesses that created two thirds of all new jobs are disappearing.

College graduates find they have been betrayed with mortgaged futures burdened with student debt and now learn that jobs which might have been filled by them have been outsourced to foreign countries like India. Even when they can find a job it is often for only 29 hours a week so the employer does not have to supply ObamaCare health insurance.

The question remains as to whether these young adults, now being labeled “The Lost Generation” have learned anything from being enamored by a celebrity-status president who makes great speeches and promises but leaves them in the lurch.

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