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Hop Groups brings multiparty communication to email

Multiparty emails with Hop Groups
Photo Courtesy of Hop

On June 17, Hop introduces Hop Groups, the groundbreaking group email that adds multiparty communication to your email interface.

Hop groups lets users to communicate in an easy manor with their circle of people while preserving the integrity of their group. You also get a searchable timeline with every message sent and that is delivered.

Each Hop user has the ability to name a group and invite others to join. Once the group is active, Hop Groups eliminates the risk of losing group members, and keeps the conversation timeline without getting messy or complicated.

It's similar to the use of Hop email messaging as users can fold in pictures, links, documents, drawings, or even video/audio. It's easy and engaging.

Thanks to entrepreneurs Erez Pilosof and Guy Gamzu, Hop Groups is making group conversations easier to initiate, maintain and follow.

“We’ve designed Hop Groups to answer a real need in group communication,” says Hop Co-founder, Guy Gamzu “Current technology does not support the way groups of people actually communicate - which is often casual, quick and collaborative. The Groups functionality breaks ground, delivering a set of entirely new capabilities to make group connections easier.”

Hop moves fast and sorts your email conveniently into conversations that matter. Hop will save your time and that saves you money. Your associates and most recent contacts stay close, while the things that aren't of consequence at that moment spam stay in the background.

Gamzu says the goal all along was to keep things simple.

"With Hop Groups, anyone can join and leave from the group exactly like any email thread with multiple participants. We believe in simplicity. Unnecessary administration layers mean complexity. Our imagination can only scratch the surface of all those amazing uses people will make with Hop groups. Remember, since it is based on email - the only requirement to join, read, post and be a group member - is to have an email address! I don't think I know anyone who doesn't have one."

Hop brings your email to your life in a friendly way.

Get the app at:

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