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Hooters South Arlington, TX Management

The Hooters South Arlington, TX was recently seen in a negative spotlight by a CBS show titled, "Undercover Boss."  On the show the Hooters CEO was undercover evaluating management staff.  The CEO was not happy with management's level of professionalism with the staff.  The management staff member was almost terminated by the CEO; however, from a personal perspective the staff has been courteous, professional, as well as respectful.  The assistant manager in particular was quite respectful and cooperative for this review article on Hooters in South Arlington, TX.  The assistant manager was inquisitive, wanting to know if there was anyway he could be more cooperative and made sure the service was professional.  The service was respectful and professional without any problems.  The assistant manager was willing to give feedback on upcoming events that this particular location, South Arlington, TX had coming up and would like to promote.  There is an upcoming event beginning this February 21, 2010 where the staff will be in special outfits instead of the normal Hooters uniform of black or white and orange.  if you are curious about this event by wanting to know exactly what they will be wearing and how long the event will be going on head to your local Hooters location to find out  There is also information about your local Hooters online at