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Hoops There It is provides great opportunities for youth basketball players

John McGuire, teaching a group of eager youth basketball players.
John McGuire, teaching a group of eager youth basketball players.
Joan McGuire

John McGuire is the program director of Hoop There It Is. Coach McGuire says,

the most important thing to practice every day is self-discipline by giving 100% effort. Skills can be practiced and learned, but developing a mental toughness is vital to everyone. People are all at different places and levels in their lives, but by giving their all to each moment, they will get stronger, more successful, and happier in life. I teach players and children to understand the game and the game within the game. People win in life when they give all of their efforts to something, to anything. They grow when they are ready. I like to build players from the inside out. This means I develop them mentally and then physically. I do this by setting standards for them to see, understand, and strive towards because they want it for themselves. Not for me. It is their journey. I simply choose to help guide them and enjoy the journey.

Coach McGuire runs the following basketball-related events for youth players:

  • Basketball Camps over the summer there is an eight week program at Saint Michael School in Cranford, NJ. The camp is currently on their 8th year in existence. It runs 9am-3pm. There is another camp that takes place in Union at the YMHA on August 18-22, 2014 and August 25-29, 2014.
  • Coed Clinics, primarily ran in the fall - there clinics are 1 ½ hours in length and are broken up by age category: 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, and 7th/8th. During these clinics Hoops There It Is provides an interesting scoring system to make their training more fun and competitive. The scoring system also provides a way for players to be accountable for themselves. Players receive points for accomplishing fundamentally sound actions during the scrimmaging. It is obvious when points are earned because Coach McGuire uses a hands-free microphone to give a play-by-play while scoring the game.
  • AAU travel program training - Training is located at the Monroe Sports Center and YMHA. Coach McGuire trains other AAU programs as well as his own, called the Hoops There It Is Knights. The ages include boys’ 5th grade through high school and girls' 7th and 8th teams.
  • Private training – mainly outdoors locally.

Coach McGuire also explained, “I also do a really innovative and cool new program called GymAdemics, which is an educational program. It teaches children the foundations of all sports while focusing on education as well. This program concentrates on 2 ½ year-olds to kindergarten, but can be modified to work with older kids. This takes place at Trinity Day School in Cranford, NJ

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