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Hoop Group Men's Showdown

Test yourself at the basketball event of the Spring!
Test yourself at the basketball event of the Spring!
Hoop Group Headquarters

The Hoop Group is having an event at New Jersey’s premier facility, Hoop Group Headquarters in Neptune, New Jersey that is expected to sell out, and it is causing quite a stir on the east coast. Most people who have played high level basketball through grade school and high school have participated in a high level tournament consisting of pool play and a championship Sunday. However, not many people have participated in a tournament of this nature since then, and The Hoop Group is giving the opportunity to adults 18 and older on April 12-13.

The event is expected to have over 60 teams and the grand prize is 1500 dollars cash. Since the event began marketing itself, there has been a tremendous amount of interest, and The Hoop Group is proving that it is not just built for grass root events. Matt Pooley, Director of Hoop Group Elite and former Division 3 standout at RPI says, “Who wouldn’t want to play? You get a chance to play in a competitive tournament, and prove yourself against teams all over the east coast. I haven’t played in a tourney like this since High School”.

Emotions are expected to run high with the cash prize, and there will be a good amount of security at the facility. However, all referees will be certified, and there will be zero tolerance for fighting during the event. For those of you who think you have what it takes to play in this high level event, contact