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Hoons busted at Lakeland car show

At this year's Sun N' Fun Fly-In event in Lakeland, Florida, some hoons were busted by airport security for playing around in the back area of the airport. While there weren't any chances of anyone being hurt, local airport security and property manager felt the need to harass the hoons for getting a little sideways.

Video: Ford Mustang busted by airport security for hoonage

After watching the video, do you believe the actions of the driver were just cause for harassment by airport security? If you watch the speed, they weren't actually going that fast. Also it was wet out, so the car getting sideways could have been by mistake. This brings up a stereotype that all motorsport enthusiasts must face; profiling.

If you have a sports car, and get it sideways by accident or on purpose, you will be profiled as if you were doing it on purpose regardless of conditions. This can turn ugly quick if law enforcement is involved, which can lead to pricey tickets and several points off your license.

How do we fight this stereotype as patrons of horsepower and speed? Quite simple really. When pulled over or harassed for owning a sports car and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, simply say, "My foot slipped off the clutch. I'm sorry, it was a mistake and an honest accident." If you have a racing clutch and a high horsepower vehicle, dropping the clutch at any rpm under any load will typically send a jolt of energy through the drivetrain with enough torque to break the wheels loose.

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