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Hooked Up with Tom Colicchio prime sail fishing rock star Perry Ferrell

Fishing like a rock star. It’s sail fishing season. Jane’s Addiction and Satellite Party frontman Perry Ferrell has been fishing since he was a kid with father. Their first fishing trip, a sail fishing trip when Ferrell first moved to Miami, his father caught a sailfish and Perry caught a barracuda.

Hooked Up with Tom Colicchio prime sail fishing rock star Perry Ferrell
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From Long Island, Perry’s father had an 18-foot fishing boat in the Catskills

From restaurants to reality TV, Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio travels to exotic locales and interviews and fishes with the most eclectic celebrities. How do you get the best interviews relax, cocktails, and go fishing. Perry’s favorite cocktail, Clamato, tequila, orange juice, and beer. “It goes good with fish,” spouts Ferrell. If I catch a big fish, I’m going to put it on my wall and stuff it.”

“If you are doing nice things for Mother Nature you are doing the best good in the shortest amount of time”

Foodie and entertainer, Perry Ferrell, also a surfer and environmentalist, and lover, “You got to use your imagination, feeling for nibbles.” The art and desire to be a rockstar and all it entails, we were a bunch or roosters strutting around on stage and the women dig it, the roosters were trying to out cock each other.”

White Stripes or Kings of Leon?

“White Stripes, with Kings of Leon there is no insanity.”

Porn or pyro?

“I’ll take pyro every time. Me and my wife have tried to do porno but we just don’t get into it. Pyro, give me a good explosion anytime.”

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