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Hookah smokers, how dangerous is it?

How Dangerous is Hookah
How Dangerous is Hookah
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

With so many enticing flavors from mint chocolate chill, apple and mint to spiced chai, hookah have become increasingly popular around the world with young adults, college students and unfortunately teenagers over the years. Hookahs are water pipes that is basically used to smoke uniquely made flavored tobacco that has especially become the center of attention in a lot of bars and lounges.

How dangerous is hookah
Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images

The word hookah can also be referred to as a water pipe, shisha, narghile or goza and is customarily practiced with two or more people. It is known to be an activity for group settings with the same mouth piece used by multiple individuals. Modern day hookahs are generally made with a head, body, hose, water bowl and a mouth piece.

Due to lack of education and research, most people do assume that smoking hookah is less harmless than taking in tobacco from smoking cigarettes; however, smoking hookah contains the same levels of dangerous toxins as cigarette smoke that can be extremely detrimental to your health.

“The cooled and sweetened flavor of hookah tobacco makes it more enticing to kids and they falsely believe it’s less harmful” Tracey E. Barnett from the University of Florida told Reuters Health.

“One-time use can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning or other diseases, including but not limit4d to tuberculosis, herpes, respiratory illness including the flu, and long-term use can lead to heart disease and many cancers. “ Barnett said.

One hookah session typically lasts about 20 to 80 minutes and a hookah user may inhale as much smoke during one session as a cigarette smoker would from smoking 100 or more cigarettes, according to The World Health Organization.

There has always been a worldwide debate whether or not hookah smoking is harmless. The fact is that hookah contains high levels of toxins including tar, carbon monoxide and heavy metals. Smokers possess the same risk as cigarettes smokers such as oral, lung cancer, stomach cancer, and heart and lung disease.

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