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Hood to Coast Movie Encore

Hood to Coast Relay
Hood to Coast Relay
Hood to Coast

On January 11 it snowed, and boy did it ever! It was also the only night the much-anticipated Hood to Coast movie was showing in select theaters in the area. Many disappointed athletes found themselves holding tickets trapped indoors. Fortunately, due to mass fan outcry, the movie is back for another one-night showing!

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Tomorrow February 10th, Hood to Coast will be showing once again in theaters in our area. This documentary film follows several teams throughout their journey as they attempt to complete America's oldest long distance team relay.

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Locations offering the one-night showing:

Columbia Mall 14-Buy Tickets

More locations in the DC area

If you have heard about the Ragnar Relay series or the Odyssey but not sure how it works, this movie explains the details. It also gives you insight into this unique experience and will get your blood pumping to join your own team. Lovingly referred to as 'fun torture', distance relays are a great bonding experience and a way to see what you are really made of.


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