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Hood's Top Five (movies you should have seen)

Admit one to these five cinematic gems.
Admit one to these five cinematic gems.
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It's August. Summer is winding down. The Fall movie trailers are being shown in abundance; the last film you saw during that warm summer night is becoming a distant, hazy memory...

...or is it?

Perhaps that film you took in has stayed with you, never left the recess of your mind. You, the avid movie watcher, can't shake the way you felt when leaving the theater. You're still comparing this film to others, waiting for your next cinematic experience. If so, you perhaps have had the pleasure of seeing what are by far the best movies of the Summer of 2010. And no, this list does not include films with vampires or werewolves. Sorry.


Christopher Nolan, the man behind The Dark Knight, offers a mind blowing, well crafted and executed thriller with undeniable, interesting characters. The story is complex, but aptly void of heavy-handed insults. This is a must see for the thinking men and women of cinema and fans of the ever-evolving range of Leonardo DiCaprio's acting talent.


Ah, yes, SNL alumnus Adam Mckay and Will Ferrell along with Mark Wahlberg. How could one go wrong? The answer is simple: one can't. And through the hilarity and wit offered by The Other Guys it is apparent that Ferrell and Mckay still click and want the world to know it. The Other Guys is smart, timely, and all out goofy unrivaled fun. A must see!


This summer's sleeper, should and hopefully will garner Oscar buzz for Annette Benning; who offers a performance filled with depth and emotion and humor like no other. The Kids Are All Right is a drama that enlightens and stays clear and away from contrite melodrama. It shows a same sex couple reeling from the event of their adoptive children secretly contacting their biological father. Julianne Moore co-stars along with Mark Ruffalo in this indie wonder.


Within the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, a young woman finds herself enraptured in a mystery that unravels and threatens her home and family. Directed by Debra Granik and based off the acclaimed novel, Winter's Bone is stark, real, and does not waste time. This is one of those rare films comparable to 2008's festival darling, Frozen River. 


Edgar Wright, the young British director who gave us the unforgettable comedy Shaun of The Dead, infuses his talent into the world of graphic novels. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is refreshing and clever. Although not a far fetch from Michael Cera's usual interpretation of a self deprecating schlep, Pilgrim is a fun escape that embodies a lot of nostalgia and fun symbolism. Seems this work of art has not been well-received by large audiences but is well on its way to achieving a strong cult following.

Get out and see these movies now!


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    I have a crush on Paul Hood. He's so awesome! I met him at a film screening and he's so down to earth and charming.

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