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HOOD MC hosts child abuse fundraiser, Saturday, April 19

Dance Party Benefit
Hank McGrath

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. Most people of course do care very much about the welfare of children but surprisingly most are also unaware that child abuse is the fastest rising crime in the world at the moment. There is always something we can do to help. We can donate to child abuse charities, we can keep our eyes and ears open, we can continue to protect our own children from potential predators—the possibilities are endless. This Saturday, there will be an opportunity to do something right here in the Capital District that will have a lasting effect on the fight against child abuse now and in the future.

Hank McGrath is an adult survivor of child abuse. Extreme child abuse at the hand of his own mother. Despite my efforts to persuade him to work on his first book describing his lost childhood, he resisted for many years, until he felt strong enough to move forward with the completion of part one of “Slave in Modern America.” Now we are committed to seeing this manuscript to publication, and sought help from friends and relatives to make that happen. Many ignored Hank’s pleas for help. The members of Hold Our Own Destiny MC did not. It is no secret that many children have been produced among the members of HOOD MC and to that this author shouts out “Hallelujah!” Children bring new love into the world! Therefore, it was no surprise to me when Hank told me they were willing to hold a benefit at their clubhouse for this cause.

On Saturday, April 19, from 2:00-7:00, at 958 Crane Street, Schenectady, New York, HOOD MC will host a Dance Party to benefit the “Slave in Modern America” project, as well as the “Free Child Project.” DJ Lifesaver will spin some awesome dance music, and there will be light refreshments and drinks, for a $15 donation. All are invited, and you are certainly in for a treat when you meet the fine members of this motorcycle club.

There will be no celebrities here to entice people to come. No big bands, no full course meals, no fancy cocktails. The star of the show here is the survivor, Hank McGrath. Just this past week, seven dead babies were found in a garage in Utah. Friends, neighbors, and relatives claimed to know nothing about the seven babies. Hank wasn’t surprised. He was almost one of those babies. This is why Hank’s book needs to be published. This is why HOOD MC cares. This is why you should come Saturday. Hope to see you there. Peace +

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