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Honoring 9/11 in the electric millenium


I wonder if some woke up this morning completely unaware, as I did, ten years ago, that today the world stands at attention as a city, and millions of proxy lives lay in ruins.

Typically, the news lays barren of personal stories from tellers; we exempt our own in lieu of the facts, yet I can’t imagine any historical moment of greater import wherein human connection is of the most consequence. And so, the internet with its plethora of sites, chats, live strings and so forth comes particularly handy today, if for nothing else, uniting a nation in mourning.

You can find the standard news, such as political dignitaries gathering about Ground Zero for a precession of ceremonies honoring heroes and victims alike today—watch it streamed live, add pictures and tales upon www.patch.comfor an ever-growing electric tapestry of touchstones. Or, if the cable screen suits you better, Lifetime’s brethren channels are featuring an entire host of movies and home-made narratives from this most maligning day.

And yet, as the honorariums play aside such distractions as “Brooke Burke Style Evolution” and “Demi Moore Tweets Naked,” I wonder whether today will play out as more as an obligation of ratings astride farce instead of embracing the moment, indeed honoring it as we ought to. But then again who am I to say? We all must expend our grief personally, even if that means balancing the horror of having lost family and friends with a quick distraction: “Kate Winslet Talks Nut Sacks.” Funny? Crudely poor taste? Both? Well there you have it: this is how we are dealing with America’s most recent great tragedy today---Un peu de tout: “a little bit of everything.”

I left my New York friends and neighbors two weeks prior to the tower’s felling, all in search of loftier living, and a height so far above sea level I might just touch a bit of God. That day I was desperate to claw my way back, panicked, and without phone service to call family. The Sandia Heights were all I had. Family survived (for a while, at least), the outcome of friends were peppered heads or tails. The best I can do both for them and myself today, I suppose, is spend it in the only place I can, and continue learning what it means to heal.

Today this ‘business’ column is suspended in honor of you, those reading, those thought of, those unsung. Please leave your own story if you choose. You never know who listens, and heals one stitch for your efforts.

God Bless. 9-11-11.



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