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Honor the Earth: Dedicated to Animal Liberation Front prisoner Walter Bond

Walter sacrificed his personal freedom in his dedicated pursuit of total liberation.
Walter sacrificed his personal freedom in his dedicated pursuit of total liberation.

Humans value freedom. We value freedom so much that we dedicate our lives to achieve the same freedom for our fellow humans, animals, and the earth.

Humans also want to feel good. We thrive on the praise of others, cherish love, desire intimacy, and have a need for compassion. Yet, this is not enough.

Happiness, compassion, and contentment is much more than a feeling; it is a goal that can only be attained through action to protect and preserve the collective dignity and rights of the earth and all the life forms it supports.

We want justice and fairness for ourselves, but often to the exclusion of justice and fairness for other living beings. Humans are masters of exploitation and discrimination against our own species and other species. If we cannot respect, accept, communicate and interact with our own species, then we cannot communicate, cooperate, and co-exist with others species.

Thinking we are simplifying and improving our way of living, we complicate, over-intellectualize, become complacent, and continue to accept the norm to the detriment of our collective existence.

The world as a whole is a delicate, rhythmic ecosystem; everything is connected. Nevertheless, the fragility of the reciprocal relationship between humans, animals, and the earth is teetering in the balance.

To eradicate the suffering and carnage, we cannot fear the horror, challenge, setbacks, and uncertainty. Brave visions, bold and concrete conviction, raw and brutal honesty are absolute.

Too many people censor and restrain their thoughts and emotions, inhibit their potential, and their impact on the world. We are destined to take matters into our hands, fight with fierce intensity to right the wrongs of other humans who bring harm to the earth and it’s inhabitants.

Our foremost goal and purpose is to take action first-hand, hands-on, with animals and for animals, applying our time and energy toward tangibly solving the earth crisis.

Although social media helps the cause of humans, non-human animals, and the earth, by connecting with likeminded people across the globe, sharing ideas, educating, and motivating, overusing technology can also harm the cause.

More and more humans rely on technology to simplify and accomplish the work. In actuality, social media is only a minute portion of our ambition and objective, a means of communication. Solutions to the contemporary meltdown and the development of holistic living habitats will only result through involvement and action.

Think for yourself. Whether you act as an individual or part of a group, reject the politics of human identity. Do not think about reactions or opinions. When you posses strong convictions, opinions, good or bad, do not matter.

Be self-aware, conscious, appreciate the natural world around you, and understand how the universe flows together as a living entity. Experience animal thought and existence, don’t just read about it. Observe, interact, and reflect on the natural genius and aptitude of animals.

Our fight is never over. We can never do enough for animals. Do not expect satisfaction, but do not allow this to be your deterioration, allow this to be the core of your continuing effort and strength.

Think about the past - what life was like. Think about the present - what life is like. Think about the future - what life can be like. ACT - and make life what it should be and will be like.

This is dedicated to Animal Liberation Front prisoner Walter Bond. Walter sacrificed his personal freedom in his dedicated pursuit of total liberation.

Sentenced for the Animal Liberation Front Lone Wolf arsons on the Sheepskin Factory in Denver, Colorado, the Tandy Leather Factory in Salt Lake City, Utah and Tiburon Restaurant in Sandy, Utah, Walter Bond is incarcerated at USP Marion Communication Management Unit (CMU), a maximum security federal prison. Walter Bond is scheduled for release in 2021.

Click here to visit and access Walter Bond’s extensive archive of essays.

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