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Honor killings to preserve religious culture. Do american parents still teach morality?

There was a story just reported on Headline News' program called Prime News,, about an Iraqi father who came all the way to America to uphold his families honor by killing his daughter.

The reason he killed his daughter was because she became "too westernized" and fell away from her Islamic upbringing.  Through her westernization, she refused an arranged marriage, disobeyed her fathers rules and was living with her boyfriend. 

To uphold his families honor, Faleh Hassan Almaleki, took extreme action and ran over his daughter with a car, sending her to the hospital for two weeks of pain and suffering before she succumbed to her injuries.  A friend of Noor Faleh Almaleki was also seriously injured in the attack.  He is now facing several charges.

Many Islamic countries suffer these honour killings, as well as non-Islamic countries.  It usually is based on immoral actions on the part of a child or wife, and is vastly perpetuated against women. 

This is a very sad case and murder should never be allowed.  It does raise a question.  Do American parents still teach morality, whether based on religion or basic decency?

One wonders, is our society too soft on the actions of our children and of ourselves?  Do Christian, Jewish or other religious parents talk to their children about honoring their religion, themselves and their family? 

It is amazing what many parents today allow their children to do.  Killing a child for their poor choices is not an option, but do parents today, especially those who claim to be religious, talk to their kids and try to dissuade them from some of the poor choices they make?  It seems like living together is the norm with many parents today.  Most Christians are taught to be against co-habitation, but do they uphold that value in their homes?

Co-habitating isn't the only problem.  School violence and many other immoral activity plagues our children and the schools they attend.  Parents aren't doing enough, nor are the schools.  Is Western culture heading down a dark path?  The line between right and wrong is very blurred with today's children and young adults.  Who's to blame? 

While no one should condone the action of honour killings, this country does need parents to speak with their children about immoral behavior and steer them away from it.  Talk to them, but don't assault them and certainly don't kill them. 

Sometimes it takes a horrible atrocity to have a culture look at themselves.  Parents and teachers, are you teaching your kids and students morality and having honor? 


  • Luis 5 years ago

    Jack, it's important to understand that you're not dealing with Americans here, per se, but with Muslims. That's a religion, NOT a nationality. Muslims would act the same way, whether they live in the USA, Canada, England, Russia, Japan, Sweden or Iceland. The only law that matters to them is sharia law, regardless of the country they live in.

  • Sean 5 years ago

    Jack, you seem to blur parental "teaching" into "control." Any young person is raised with a set of instructions, yet must negotiate their own way in the world.

    you also seem to assume cohabitation is immoral. Marriage is a human construction, and most marriages throughout history were far less formalized than many social conservatives are willing to accept today. Cohabitation, marital or not, does not correspond to morality or decency; a "properly" married couple in which physical abuse is an everyday occurrence sees far more immorality than a respectful, decent cohabitating couple. Again, the social conservative definition of marriage comes back to Control - control by state, by religious authority, and by husband.

    I would suggest that today's American parents probably do a better job than prior generations, where physical abuse and bigotry were acceptable.

    you claim, "no one should condone the action of honour killings," yet by calling them "honour killings," you do just t

  • Carol 5 years ago

    Luis, please read the article

    Jack is saying that the recent event, shed light on how all religions are teaching their children regarding values and morals.

    And sorry to burst your bubble, but you can be a muslim and an american at the same time too- there is such a thing as an American Muslim.

    And thank you for generalizing that the only law that matters is sharia law....When in fact sharia law states that you should follow the land of the law that you live in, as long as it does not force you to do anything immoral (killing, stealing, cheating etc), and western law does not.

  • Destroyed from within 5 years ago

    This multiculturalism crap is working out great for everyone except the White European. Fortunately, we are slowly waking up, and we will win in the end.

  • Destroyed from within 5 years ago


  • Jack 5 years ago

    I'm not condemning anyone for their beliefs on religion or morality, with the exception of the father and murder. It's just that a lot of sinful/illegal/immoral activity occurs today without American parents addressing it or condemning it.

    As for lending credence to the action, by calling it "honor killings", I'm just stating what it's called. I don't see it as honorable.

    Destroyed from within: You are right. When will Americans stand up for their culture? Hopefully soon.

  • Mimi 5 years ago

    Dear Jack:

    I completely agree that this killing was a disgusting act on the part of the father, however, I do want to point out that honor killings are certainly not a part of Islamic doctrine, and NOWHERE in the Quran does it accept killing a human being for reasons such as in this case. Thanks for writing on such an important topic.

  • Cathy 5 years ago

    When will these people wake up and realize that one's honor is determined by one's OWN behavior and not the actions of others - be they children or wives. Dishonor comes from your own bad behavior, not the perceived bad behavior of someone else.
    In my opinion, this father has brought dishonor on himself from his own actions.

  • Lousy Excuses 5 years ago

    Let's quit trying to explain away MURDER! This insanity is simply unacceptable in Western culture. If they do not want to behave themselves, they can stay home. Bring back the Chain-Gangs!