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Honor a teacher on National Teacher Day

May 6 is National Teacher Day
May 6 is National Teacher Day
Photo by Dave Einsel/Getty Images

With school being in session only one more month before the summer break, it is time to honor your favorite teacher. May 6 has been designated National Teacher Day.

Perhaps you have had a teacher who inspired you, challenged you, or even changed the course of your life. If so, today is the day to show your appreciation to all the people who have dedicated their lives to teaching.

In 1944, Mattye Whyte Woodridge, an Arkansas teacher began a campaign to establish a national day that would honor teachers. She wrote letters to politicians, education leaders, and eventually to the first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. In 1953, Mrs. Roosevelt convinced Congress to proclaim the first National Teacher Day.

Today, the National Education Association sponsors an entire Teacher Appreciation Week, which is full of events and activities. You can learn more about the campaign on the National Teacher Association official website. To celebrate National Teacher Day, participate in one of the projects and take a moment to honor the remarkable individuals who have taught you or your children over the years.

There are many different ways to honor that teacher, or perhaps you have more than one. Express your thanks and appreciation to those teachers by calling them on the telephone, sending a card or gift. If they live close by, you might even take them out to lunch or dinner.

Surely, there are teachers who have touched your life in the past. Don't let today go by without touching theirs.

Happy National Teacher Day to teachers everywhere!

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