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Honolua Bay is one of Maui's top snorkel spots - photo slideshow

Honolua Bay is a spectacular experience, with some of Maui's best snorkeling and diving, and incredible views of the ocean and the Hawaiian island of Molokai.
Honolua Bay is a spectacular experience, with some of Maui's best snorkeling and diving, and incredible views of the ocean and the Hawaiian island of Molokai.

Honolua Bay on the west side of Maui is truly one of the most spectacular snorkeling and diving locations in all of the islands of Hawaii. It also offers spectacular ocean views of coral reefs, along with clear sights of the island of Molokai.

While part of the Marine Life Conservation District, Honolua Bay is also known as one of Maui's top surfing locations during the winter high surf season. On the north edge of the bay, surfers frequently experience waves up to 20 feet or more in height during the most turbulent time of the winter season.

But Honolua Bay is mostly known for its snorkeling and diving. The crystal-clear water in the early hours of the morning, are some of the best in all the islands of Hawaii. Once entering the water, you'll immediately see fish of various sizes and species, along with brightly colored coral and rocks.

Things To Know About Honolua Bay

  • This is not a beach for sun bathing or having a picnic. The coastline is very rocky, with large boulders that are often very slick. Find a place to store your belongings and go slow as you walk to the location. Go the your left as you approach the coastline for easier access to the ocean.
  • There is no lifeguard station, great rental, or small convenience store at Honolua Bay. Whatever you will need (sunscreen, water, towels, snorkel equipment, etc.), you will need to bring it with you.
  • Try to arrive at Honolua Bay no later than 9 a.m. during the summer months. It's easier to find a parking spot early in the morning, and the water is normally much calmer and clearer in the early hours of the day.
  • While you're on private property and it's a safe location, take as little with you to the waterfront as possible. Make sure no belongings are left inside your vehicle.
  • Most snorkelers go to the right side of Honolua Bay to start their snorkel experience. Go slow, get comfortable with your equipment, and enjoy the underwater sights safely with a partner.

Rainforest At Honolua Bay! Yes, you will walk through an incredibly beautiful and unique rain forest on you way to Honolua Bay. Take a few minutes to enjoy the walk and take a lot of pictures. It's beautiful, very green, and nerve racking quiet. Take a moment to stop and listen to the silence.

Directions & Parking. Take Hwy. 30 on the west side of Maui, and pass through Lahaina Town and the entrance to Kaanapali Beach Resort. Keep going through several traffic lights, and continue on the highway as you pass the last turn to Kapalua. You'll then pass the entrance to D.T. Fleming Beach Park. Keep going and you'll encounter several sharp turns in the road. Look for a large turn-off at a look-out location on your left. Stop and look down at Honolua Bay and check-out the surf conditions.

There is parking scattered among several locations along the road. Look for other cars parked and find a place to squeeze into on your left-hand side (ocean side) of the road. There's additional parking in a large parking lot after you pass the one lane bridge. Try not to park on the opposite side of the road from the parking areas, and make sure you leave absolutely no personal belongings in your vehicle.

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Hawaii Travel Suggestions.

One of the most beautiful Hawaiian islands is Maui. Make sure to drive to the west side of Maui, and see the historic whaling town of Lahaina. Also, consider a day trip to the island of Lanai on an Expeditions ferry our of Lahaina Harbor.

Of course, Oahu is the most popular island, with Waikiki Beach being one of the most famous beaches in the world.

Fashions of Hawaii has the best pricing for beachwear, casual wear, bikinis, Hawaii-inspired jewelry, and floral long dresses ideal for Hawaii.

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Thinking of visiting Thailand? Stop in Hawaii on your way to Bangkok, the most visited city in the world.

Top 10 Maui Restaurants.

  • Mama's Fish House is one of the most well-known restaurants on Maui.
  • In Lahaina Town, try Lahaina Grill. It's one of the best restaurants on Maui.
  • Merriman's Hawaiian Restaurant in Kapalua has won many awards for outstanding food.
  • The Pineapple Grill in Kapalua is a popular, upscale restaurant popular with locals and tourists alike.
  • On the west side of Maui, try Star Noodle. It's one of the most popular restaurants on the island.
  • The Plantation House in Kapalua offers an excellent fine dining experience.
  • Sarento's On The Beach in the Kihei area of Maui is always recognized for outstanding food and service.
  • Hali' imaile General Store has pleased customers since opening in 1988 with its upcountry location.
  • Japengo At The Maui Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa is a recent addition to the Top 10 Restaurants on Maui.
  • Roy's in Ka'anapali has consistently been one of the top restaurants on Maui, Hawaii.

Maui's Top Attractions.

  • Haleakala National Park lets you visit one of the most rare sights in the world at over 32,000 feet.
  • The Road To Hana takes a full day but is one of the most famous drives in the world.
  • One of the wettest and most beautiful valleys on all the Hawaiian islands is at Iao Valley.
  • Visit 7 Sacred Pools (Ohe'o Gulch) past Hana on the far windward side of Maui.
  • A "must-see" beach is Big Beach at Makena State Park on the southwest side of Maui, Hawaii.
  • Lahaina Town & Banyan Tree on the west side of Maui is a historic whaling town with much to see.
  • Stroll through gardens with over 45 varieties of lavender at the Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm.
  • One of Maui's top-rated family attractions in the Maui Ocean Center.
  • Maui Tropical Plantation offers rides through a tropical plantation and has a fun zipline.
  • The Sugar Museum is located on Hawaii's largest working sugar factory.
  • Tedeschi Winery produces wine from Maui-grown grapes at the Ulupalakua Ranch.
  • Surfing Goat Dairy has world-class cheese made upcountry in a unique setting.

Maui's Top Activities.

BONUS - Free Hula Shows!

At The Lahaina Cannery Mall on the west side of Maui, there are free hula shows. The Polynesian Dancers perform at 7 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. The Keiki Hula Show (children performing) is at 1 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Maui's Best Luau!

While visiting Maui or any of the islands of Hawaii. a luau is a must. Learn a few things about a luau before you go, and here's a list of popular luaus to consider:

Drive To Hana -

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