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Hong Kong collection by OPI


OPI Hong Kong Collection Summer/Spring 2010

Using inspiration from the far East, OPI's new spring and summer collection adds a modern twist to everyday colors. Every color is more vibrant than the next. OPI nail polish always impresses me by how long it will stay on the nail and keeps shiny. This 12 colored collection uses red, gold, orange, greens, blues, purples, and even whites to fill the personality of every girl! Every nail polish brand brings out their new collections around the same time and sometimes it is hard to not have them all blur together. OPI's Hong Kong Collection stands on its own away from other brands. It is no wonder these are the colors you see on every woman's fingers after they walk out of a salon.


Jade Is The New Black is a minty green polish. Green is such a crucial color of summer and spring, it is good to see that OPI added such a vibrant green into their collection that other brands seem to have forgotten.


Suzi Say Feng Shui is a cobalt blue color. A lighter, shinier blue to match the clear blue skies of the spring.


Meet Me On The Star Ferry is a rosy mauve like color with golden glitter. Matches the colors of flowers surrounding us on a daily basis. This color would look perfect with a floral dress.


Bling Dynasty is a gold colored nail polish like none I have seen before. Not only is the shimmer bright but the infusion of micro-glitter brings out the feeling of vintage gold jewelry.


Pearl of Wisdom is a sheer white color with slight pink glitter to add a tint. This color is perfect to wear on its own on an especially bright day or on top of another shade of nail polish.

Red My Fortune Cookie is a rich red color. The inspiration for this color is evident in the name. It brings the color of city life out in shade form.


Hot & Spicy is beautiful coral orange color. Orange is always a big trend for a nail color during the warmer season, it is great to see that this year it continues.

A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find is another orange color with a slight infusion of red.

Lucky Lucky Lavender is a light purple shade. The color and smell of lavender are always associated with spring time, this color fits perfectly in this collection.

Panda-monium Pink is a light pink shade. Perfect shade for when you want to feel girly without over doing it.

Chop-sticking to my Story is a caramel like shade. Not as bright as the other two orange like colors. Perfect for a night out without being too conservative. 

After wearing a few colors from this collection I already have people complimenting me and asking me where they can also get the shade. Each color stands on its own, but also fit into one solid collection. Each shade is $8.00, can purchase at any local salon or OPI online


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