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Honey Maid responds to hate with 'love'

Many agree that there’s nothing as simple and loving and wholesome as a graham cracker. And that’s the message Nabisco-brand Honey Maid attempted to project in its recent “This is Wholesome” campaign that debuted in March.

The video advertisement extends beyond traditional social restrictions, too, showing interracial and even gay couples sharing graham crackers with their children.

Some took offense at this latest ad of the over-100-year-old snack, though. Take the response of conservative group One Million Moms, for example.

“Nabisco should be ashamed of themselves (sic),” the conservative group posted on its website, claiming the ad “promotes homosexuality.”

One Million Moms encouraged members to contact Nabisco with demands of withdrawal of the “liberal commercial.”

The effort didn’t work out quite as well as One Million Moms hoped, though. Instead, the company says it received 10 times more in positive and appreciative mail from consumers than the number of negative messages.

Honey Maid recently replied to the conservative group’s campaign with another video, but that retains the same wholesomeness of its graham crackers.

No hatred. No animosity. No intolerance. Nothing but good ol’ wholesomeness – even “love.”

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