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Honey and Cinnamon Drink

Cinnamon sticks
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Drink yourself slim and get the body you want – Honey & Cinnamon Drinks
The most powerful, potent and yet dubious drink; also known as the honey & cinnamon weight loss drink is the most effective solution to losing weight. Recent statistics have shown that when 70g of raw honey was consumed daily for 30days, a mild reduction in body weight was caused by 1.3%. Also, another study revealed to us that when doing testing on subjects with a metabolic syndrome there was a 0.7% of decrease in body fat in the cinnamon-treated group. With these statistics, we can make a conclusion that these are indeed a beneficial way to lose weight the natural way.

Steps to making your own honey & cinnamon weight loss drink is actually simple and easy in preparation and you can be ensured that this method is without any treatment, hassle, or pain. A simple change to dieting and a colossal change to your weight in a few simple steps is really the answer to anyone’s prayers.

Weight loss is of immense importance to the generation and society of today’s world. Weight is the most crucial factor spiralling minds worldwide and therefore people desiring the perfect body is indeed normal and assists the boost of self-esteem. Getting slim is one of many HUGE desires that the majority of people feel in day to day life and therefore, as a substantial help to your own health benefactors; losing weight seems like the more ideal option.

Although getting slim is the simplistic answer, a lot of effort and time consuming hard work needs to be scheduled in place, and finding the right schedule for this may seem like an exhausting and unproductive idea. However, we have found the right dieting technique in order to be of assistance to you. In order to get that perfect body you desire, you have to not only do the predictable (e.g. gym) but also, change your diet in numerous ways.

A simple step by step guide
Things you will need:
• A cup of water
• A half teaspoon of cinnamon powder (We recommend Cassia Cinnamon as differing types of cinnamon yields different results but it may end up with different results. On the safe side, we recommend Indonesian cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon)
• 1 teaspoon of honey (you are free to use any honey of your selection that’ll fit your taste)
• A small saucepan
• Two cups
What you’re required to do:
1. Firstly, place the saucepan on a medium heat flame and the combine the cup of water, cinnamon powder and honey.
2. You must allow the honey, cinnamon and water mixture to boil in the saucepan
3. After boiling, let the mixture cool down for a decent few minutes. Pour the mixture into the two cups.
4. In the first cup, you must consume the cinnamon honey weight loss juice within 30 minutes before morning breakfast while the juice in the second cup must be taken 1 hour before sleeping in order to get the best results.

The science behind the juice
To get productive and prompt results, you’re required to consume the cinnamon honey weight loss drink daily, twice a day. By doing so, the drink is assisting you lose an excellent and promising result of 4-5 pounds in just a week. That means, you could lose an approximate amount of a stone and 6 pounds in a month, which is incredible for a drink that takes a mere 10 minutes to accomplish.

By following our recipe, this honey and cinnamon weight loss drink is by far the best and after articulating in months of trying to discover the solutions on how to efficiently lose weight, this is by far the best and most suited to every customer who tries this as a product. It helps weight loss by ending the accumulation of fat in your body. Cinnamon affects blood sugar and individually helps an individual get rid of sugar in the blood stream.

Cinnamon has a more productive effect on abdominal fat in comparison to fat found in any other part of the body. Honey is also a very popular antioxidant that indeed works wonders in favour of your aim of getting THE perfect body.

And there you have it, with these two ingredients combined and a simple and easy instruction guide, there is clearly no question about it, you have a promising honey & cinnamon health drink that helps you lose a fantastic and unbelievable amount of weight in the easiest way possible. On you will find more tips and information about this drink.